How to Backup the SOLIDWORKS PDM Archive Server Settings

Article by Justin Williams updated November 8, 2019


The SOLIDWORKS PDM Archive Server Settings backup should be completed as part of your regular Backup Process, but it’s also a good practice to be run ahead of any major procedures such as an migration or upgrade.  It’s straight forward to configure and can be scheduled to complete automatically.

Important! The archive server settings backup utility does not include the archives or databases, these need to be created and completed separately

How to set up the archive server settings backup

On the archive server; start the Archive Server Configuration Tool from Start > Programs > SOLIDWORKS PDM > Archive Server Configuration;

Archive Server Settings

Start Archive Server Configuration

In the Archive Server dialog select Tools > Backup Settings…

Archive Server Settings

Archive Server dialog

Here you can;

  • Select which vaults to back up.
    • Or include all vaults (preferred).
  • Define a Backup Location for the generated backup file (Backup.dat.) to be created.
    • The recommended location is within the default root to the vault archives, so it’s included within the vault archives backup.
  • Enable the Schedule option, to complete automatically.
  • Define a Password to be required when restoring the backup.
SOLIDWORKS PDM Archive Server Settings Backup

Backup Settings

We can manually launch a backup file to be created using the Launch Backup button, otherwise, it will be created as per the defined schedule.

Archive server settings include anything entered at the Archive Server Configuration Tool Level, like the physical location of the archives, defined login types (database or Windows login etc) and passwords.

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