Manually Updating SOLIDWORKS Toolbox

Article by Joe Medeiros, CSWE updated September 21, 2020


Here is the Process to manually update Toolbox:

Make a copy of your existing SolidWorks Data folder, for backup purposes.

Make sure that you have write access to swbrowser.sldedb, located the lang/engish folder of the Toolbox directory. To check the properties of swbrowser.sldedb  right-click on the file and select Properties. Remove the read-only flag if present and click OK to apply the change.

swbrowser.sldedb Properties


Update the swbrowser.sldedb file using the UpdateBrowserData.exe utility. The utility is located in the SolidWorks installation directory in the folder Toolbox\data utilities, for example, C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\Solidworks 2019\SolidWorks\Toolbox\data utilities. Right-click on the executable and select to “Run as administrator”.

Launching UpdateBrowserDatabase

In the “Database to Update” field, specify <SolidWorks Data Folder>/lang/English/SWBrowser.mdb and click Update

Setting-up and Running Update Toolbox Database


Ensure that the update was successful by checking the UpdateBrowserDataErrors.txt file for any errors.

Location of UpdateBrowserDataErrors Text File

If your SOLIDWORKS installation is older the SOLIDWORKS 2015, please refer to my blog on using the DatabaseConverter tool.

NOTE: if there is a standard that is missing and you wish to install it, you can click on the “SolidWorks/Toolbox installation media location…” button and browse to the installation media which contains all Toolbox content.

Once the upgrade is complete, startup SOLIDWORKS and ensure that the correct path for the updated Toolbox is specified in Tools > Options > System Options > Hole Wizard /Toolbox.

Confirming Toolbox Location in Solidworks

When upgrading a Toolbox that is being managed by SOLIDWORKS PDM, please refer to the SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration Guide, in Toolbox > Upgrading Toolbox Software > Upgrading to Manage Toolbox Entirely in the Vault. We also have a post that describes the process of updating Toolbox for SOLIDWORKS PDM.

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