Troubleshooting SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork License Manager After a Server Move

Article by Joe Medeiros, CSWE updated December 23, 2020


In his article “Moving The SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork License (SNL) Manager“, my colleague Andrew, explains how to move the SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork License Manager to another server. And for the most part, this works well. But in some cases, the licensing server that the client computers point to, reverts to the old server. Typically this is related to permissions to that client’s computer registry.

In most cases logging in as system administrator allows the path to the license server to be updated. I personally like to do this when logged in as the computer’s local system administrator, as this removes any variables associated with a domain. In rare cases, this may fail to update the path. In these situations, there is a possible Windows Registry fix.

The Windows Registry solution would be done on the client computer (though it is worth checking the registry on the server) and involves assigning sufficient permissions to a number of keys.

IMPORTANT: Editing the Windows Registry can severely damage the operation of installed programs. This should only be done by someone that is familiar with working in the Windows Registry.  The Registry should also be backed up before making any changes.

Editing the Windows Registry

On a x32 system, the following key needs to be modified:


On a x64 system, the following key must also be modified. In these keys, ensure that the logged-in Windows user has full permissions.

Ensuring Logged in User has Full Permissions

Ensuring Logged in User has Full Permissions

At this time, with the registry key selected, also confirm the path to the license server is correct and update it as required.

Confirming License Server Path

Confirming License Server Path

NOTE: I always like to reboot the computer after modifying the registry, so that the changes stick, but this is not always required.

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