How to Automate Sheet Borders and Title Block Options in SOLIDWORKS

Article by TriMech Solutions, LLC updated August 16, 2021


In this video tech tip, we will be setting up Drawing Sheet Format borders using the Automatic Border tool in SOLIDWORKS and also launching the Title Block Wizard to take a closer look at the functionality of links and properties that you have control over.

Let’s look at these powerful tools in the tech tip video below:

SOLIDWORKS Automatic Border

If you’re working on a template or trying to create a new paper from scratch, it’s a good idea to use the Automatic Border tool to automatically create this border with parameters that you can set. Here you can set Zone Size, Zone Formatting, Border, and Margins. When setting up Automatic Borders, you can also set up a Margin Mask where you wish to not have any borders.

Automatic Border

Automatic Border

Once you do this, all the zones will be automatic, so they’re going to space out and create intelligent zone markers for each of those locations. This is great because it’s easy to navigate. Tools like inspection ballooning, or revision ballooning, will track the location of those in 2D space.

SOLIDWORKS Properties and Title Blocks

The fields in the Title Block are all linked to data. When setting up a field, you will use the Note tool to add the note in the selected field. When you place that note, you will want to link it to a property in the left-hand panel. This will give you the option to link to the current document or the model.

SOLIDWORKS Title Block Properties

SOLIDWORKS Title Block Properties

In conclusion, these great tools allow you to customize the Sheet Format of a drawing, enabling you to work more efficiently downstream.

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