How to Reserve Licenses on SolidNetWork License Manager for Users or Groups

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated September 7, 2010


You are able to reserve specific SOLIDWORKS licenses for selected users or groups of users so the license is always available to them.  Any SOLIDWORKS licenses reserved for a user or group are dedicated to them and not available to any other user even if the license is not in use.

This can be accomplished using an Options file that is read-in to the SolidNetWork License (SNL) file.  For information on creating an Options file, please refer to SolidNetWork License Manager Options File to Control Timeout Period.

Once you have the sw_d.opt Options file created, add the following lines to create groups and reserve licenses:

Define the Group:

Define the different groups of users to control. Write a new definition on a separate line for each group. The definition of a group includes:

GROUP <Group_Name> <user> <user> . . .   (do not include <> or . . . )

NOTE: The username is case-sensitive based on how the user is shown in the License Manager.  Before setting up the groups, have each user check out a license and review the username shown under License Usage in the License Manager.  Use exact same username in the Options file.

  • GROUP is the FlexLM syntax to define a group
  • Group_Name is the name to use to reference the group
  • User is username. The number of user entries depends on how many users are in the group.

Reserve the Licenses

Set the number of licenses desired to reserve. Again, create a new reserve line for each group. The definition of a reserve line includes:

RESERVE <Number_reserved> <feature> GROUP <Group_Name>  (do not include <>)


Your company wants to reserve 1 license of SolidWorks Premium for users bob, jim, and sarah, and reserve 1 Professional license for users kevin and luke. The Options file should look like this:

GROUP group1 bob jim sarah
GROUP group2 kevin luke
RESERVE 1 swofficepremium GROUP group1
RESERVE 1 swofficepro GROUP group2
**If you want to reserve a license specifically for one user, use the format:
RESERVE <Number_reserved> <feature> USER <user>  (do not include <>)

Further information about Options files using the Group and Reserve keywords can be found in the FLEXlm User’s Guide located in C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SolidNetWork License Manager\docs\flexuser.  Browse to Chapter 13 on page 115.

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