SOLIDWORKS 2018 can Select Over Geometry

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated December 7, 2017


With SOLIDWORKS 2018 a new geometry selection tool is introduced called Select Over Geometry. The selection tool lets you drag a box or lasso selection over a model without starting the drag from a blank region of the graphics area.This tool is helpful when you drag a box or lasso in a model that is zoomed in and you do not have space in the graphics area to start dragging.

Previously, if you tried to drag a box or lasso on top of geometry, it selected the geometry and you could not create a selection. Without Select over Geometry, if you start the drag on top of geometry, the drag fails and the geometry under your initial click is selected.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 Geometry selection not allowed

SOLIDWORKS 2017 Geometry selection not allowed

Select Over Geometry Shortcut:

Shift + drag a box or lasso around the items to select. Doing this will activate the selection tool and the geometry will be selected.
Select Over Geometry

Other ways of activating Select Over Geometry:

The selection mode can be activated by following other ways:

  • Press and release T.
  • Click Select over Geometry  (Standard toolbar). Select over geometry can be added on command manager as a shortcut by right clicking on command manager > Click on Customize > Command Tab > Standard > Drag and drop select over geometry icon on command manager.
  • Click Tools > Select over Geometry.
  • Also available in mouse gestures.
Select over geometry shortcut on command manager

Select over geometry shortcut on command manager

When the mode is active, you can do the following:

  • Shift + drag a box or lasso to add items to the current selection.
  • Drag a box or lasso to clear the current selection and select different items.
  • Perform an operation on the current selection (for example, add fillets to selected edges), and then drag a box or lasso to make another selection.

To exit the mode, do one of the following:

  • Click anywhere in the graphics area (for example, on a face or edge, or in a blank region).
  • Click Select over Geometry  (Standard toolbar) or Tools > Select over Geometry to toggle it off.
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