Measure Tool Enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2018

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated December 7, 2017


There has been many enhancements to SOLIDWORKS 2018 which will helps us overcome some of the earlier limitations. In this Blog article I will be sharing  some new enhancements to the Measure Tool.

The measure Tool has been revamped in SOLIDWORKS 2018 with  the following additional features:

Input box:

The input box that lists selections now includes six items whereas before in earlier versions it only had three items.

Increase in list of selected items in Input Box

Increase in list of selected items in Input Box

Quick Copy:

When you hover over a numeric value, the numeric value gets highlighted in the dialog box and Copy icon is displayed. Click to copy the value to the clipboard. You can paste the value at the required location.

Quick Copy of Numeric Value

Quick Copy of Numeric Value

Font Size:

You can now adjust the font size of the text in the Measure dialog box however you  cannot decrease the font size below the default size.Font size can be adjusted using increase/decrease button.

Push Pin:

Click the push pin to pin the Measure dialog box to the graphics area which avoids to activate the measure dialog box over and over from Evaluate tab.

Font Size and Pin Enhancement - Measure Tool

Font Size and Pin Enhancement – Measure Tool

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