Modify a Mesh BREP body directly with SOLIDWORKS 2020

Article by Bryan Sprange, CSWE updated September 25, 2019


The new SOLIDWORKS 2020 release has some exciting capabilities built in for working directly on a Mesh BREP body.

Previously only simple features such as add and subtract could be performed, and to do these, a regular solid body first had to be made and then converted into Mesh.

Now even advanced features like Drafts and Shells can be created directly on the Mesh body.

What are the new Mesh Editing tools?

Many commands like fillets can now be completed on the mesh body. The really cool thing is that these commands aren’t special ‘Mesh body’ commands, you just use the regular tools you’re used to, and they work!

Filleting the corner of an Imported Mesh File!

The full list of commands which can now be used on a mesh body are:

  • Shell
  • Fillet
  • Draft
  • Chamfer
  • Delete Face
  • Fill Face
  • Mutual Trim
  • Surface Knit
  • Delete Hole

Mesh Specific Tools

For commands that are Mesh BREP body specific, new or updated tools were created. These tools are:

  • Convert to Mesh Body
  • Segment Imported MeshBody
  • Surface from Mesh
  • 3D Texture
  • Decimate Mesh

Most of the mesh specific tools already existed in the 2019 release, however Decimate Mesh is an interesting new tool which I wrote a whole separate article about.

Tools such as Delete Face, and Delete Hole are great to have when working making a quick update to an existing STL file which may be damaged before manufacturing it with either SOLIDWORKS CAM, or on a 3D printer.

The ‘Delete Hole’ Command Working on a Mesh Body

Use the new Mesh BREP capable features in SOLIDWORKS 2020 to work on your files as if they were native SOLIDWORKS geometry, saving you time from having to use special workflows based on the type of file you are trying to edit.

3D Scan and 3D Printing Data

This is also fantastic news for anyone who uses 3D scanned data, or works with 3D printers and the tessellated information which they require.

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