Repair All Missing References for Fillets with SOLIDWORKS 2020

Article by Bryan Sprange, CSWE updated September 26, 2019


Have you ever had a Fillet Error? When was the last time that you made a minor change to your model which caused a fillets to have a “missing edge reference” even though the edges are exactly where they used to be? Did it happen yet this week? Making changes to a 3D model seems to be the only constant when figuring out a prototype, and continually having to re-select edges for fillets can no doubt be frustrating. SOLIDWORKS 2020 has a solution to this frustration though! The Fillet Repair tool now has the ability to “Repair All Missing References” which results in any new edges getting filleted if they replace an old filleted edge.

The Fillet tool Missing Edge References after a change

The Fillet tool Missing Edge References after a change

A new way to fix Missing Edges!

The command works by editing the fillet feature with an error, and right clicking in the selection window of the property manager.

Right clicking on a Missing Edge now reveals a New Menu

The option to ‘Repair All Missing References’ will search for new edges that are close to the missing edges, and if found will replace the existing edges removing the need to re-select the edges required for fillets. This saves time by not needing to re-select all the missing edges and keeps you focused on your design.

Edges Automatically identified and selected using "Repair All Missing References" tool

Edges Automatically identified and selected using “Repair All Missing References” tool

Enhancements such as “Repair All Missing References” for fillets are my favourite as they take an otherwise manual and sometimes frustrating task, and get SOLIDWORKS to do it in the background while maintaining full control over what is actually happening.

Watch a SOLIDWORKS Fillet Repair demo

See the new streamlined workflow in SOLIDWORKS 2020 that can automatically repair these missing references for you, saving you time in re-selecting the references or re-creating the feature.

How do I learn about other enhancements?!

These slightly hidden features are a fantastic reason to investigate enrolling in professional training offered by Javelin. While the essential skills will of course be covered, little tips such as getting SOLIDWORKS to repair your fillets can add up to hours of saved time and the SOLIDWORKS Advanced Update course is chocked full of these type of efficiency tools.

If it has been more than a few years since you have learned about new features found in SOLIDWORKS, or new ways of modelling, get in touch with Javelin and we can help you speed up your design process by finding the ideal training path for you!

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