How to Automatically Exclude a Component from a SOLIDWORKS Section View

Article by Rod Mackay updated June 9, 2021


In a SOLIDWORKS Drawing, you can specify which components or rib features are to be left uncut in a section view or broken-out section view of an assembly by adding them to the excluded components list under the Section Scope tab of the View dialog box. But did you know that you can designate any part to be a fastener so it can automatically be excluded?

Section View Exclude Fasteners

Within the Drawing View Properties dialog box associated with a Section View you can Exclude fasteners from being cut automatically by enabling the Exclude fasteners check box:

Section View Properties Exclude Fasteners

Section View Properties Exclude Fasteners

Fasteners are typically components from SOLIDWORKS Toolbox (nuts, bolts, washers, and so on). But by adding the ‘IsFastener’ custom property to a part file it will be tagged as being a fastener. This can be useful when the component is used in multiple drawings and you want it to be excluded in section views automatically.

How to designate a Component as a Fastener

In the example section view shown in the image below, the lead screw component that I’ve selected needs to be excluded from the section view in this drawing and in other drawings, rather than having to manually exclude it from all the drawings I’ll designate it as being a Fastener and exclude fasteners from views. You can see other fasteners in the view are not cut as they are Toolbox components:

Component to be Excluded

Component to be Excluded

  1. First I’ll Open the Part to be excluded and select File > Properties
  2. In the Summary Information dialog under the custom tab I’ll add a new custom Property Name called IsFastener with a Type of Text and a Value of 1 then pick OK
  3. Save the Part
Summary Information IsFastener

Summary Information IsFastener Property

  1. Then switching back to the drawing, I’ll select the existing section view, right-click and pick Properties from the shortcut menu
  2. In the Drawing View Properties dialog box select the Section Scope tab and ensure Exclude Fasteners is checked, no need to add the component manually to the excluded components list
  3. Pick OK to finish
Section View Properties Exclude Fasteners

Section View Properties Exclude Fasteners

Make sure the drawing is rebuilt (hit Ctrl-Q) and the view will update with the component now visible/uncut in the section view as shown below:

Component Excluded from Section View

Component Excluded from Section View

NOTE: If the Section View doesn’t update, select Properties again and uncheck the exclude fasteners option, then repeat to check the option again and that will updated it (and make sure all files are rebuilt and saved).

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