SOLIDWORKS Toolbox is a time-saving library of Smart Parts and Supplier Standard Components, fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS.

SOLIDWORKS Toolbox is included with SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium, the premium brand in affordable 3D CAD software. Only Toolbox allows you to take advantage of SOLIDWORKS Smart Part Technology, a unique capability that automates assembly tasks.

SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Standard Parts Library

With SOLIDWORKS Toolbox you have instant access to an entire encyclopedia of standard components. Now you can select and place the right part in the right hole in seconds. Just indicate your hole or thread size and click – there’s your part. Now just drag and drop it into place. Since Toolbox is fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS CAD and SOLIDWORKS PDM software, you can utilize Smart Part Technology to automate your entire assembly process – bolts, washers, and nuts, one stack or a hundred, properly assembled in a few clicks.

Supported standards include:

  • Customize per your company standards


  • Bearings and bearing-life calculator
  • Bolts and screws
  • Jig bushings
  • Nuts
  • O-rings
  • Keys
  • Pins
  • Washers
  • PEM® inserts
  • Retaining rings
  • Miscellaneous drag-and-drop hardware

Structural shapes:

  • Aluminum sections
  • Steel sections
  • Beam calculator
  • Unistrut

Power transmission:

  • Cams
  • Sprockets
  • Timing belt pulleys
  • Gears
Included with:


The SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Add-in is part of the SOLIDWORKS Premium software bundle from Javelin.

SOLIDWORKS Premium software gives you powerful, easy-to-use functionality that automates tasks, streamlines workflows, and helps you quickly define and validate the form, fit, and function of your design. Part of the SOLIDWORKS product development solution.

Includes tools for design, simulation, sustainability, communication and data management—SOLIDWORKS Premium empowers innovative design with specific tools that help you work more efficiently so you can make better design decisions.

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