SOLIDWORKS Default Templates are Not Valid? Simply Create New Default Templates

Article by Prasadh Annalingam, CSWE updated March 28, 2023


Are your SOLIDWORKS Default Templates not valid? Missing? Not set correctly? Do you see the following message?

default templates error message

Before we attempt to make new templates, we must first see if it is simply a file location issue.

Hush, SOLIDWORKS user, don’t say a word, TriMech’s gonna help you fix it: SOLIDWORKS Default Template Location & Settings (

And if the ProgramData don’t exist, TriMech’s gonna help you find it: My SOLIDWORKS ProgramData Folder is not Visible? (

If those templates don’t exist, TriMech’s gonna help you make it.

See below for steps to create new default templates.

Creating new default templates

If the default templates are missing in the defined Default Template file location, then you can copy them over from another user’s system or easily get SOLIDWORKS to make new ones. Let’s see how SOLIDWORKS can easily make new ones.

  1. Browse to the specified ProgramData default template location. If default templates exist in the folder already, make sure to click on one of the initial links.Browse to the specified Program Data default template location
  2. Close ALL SOLIDWORKS applications.blank screen close all SOLIDWORKS applications
  3. Using the Windows Start menu or search bar, type RX and choose the correct RX.Choose the correct SOLIDWORKS RX application
  4. Open SOLIDWORKS using the Safe Mode option that bypasses the Tools/Options settings.SOLIDWORKS options tab
  5. Click the new file button. When you do, you will be prompted with a default Units and Dimension Standard selection window. Choose and click Okay.default Units and Dimension Standard selection window
  6. Verify the default templates have been created in the correct folder location.verify default templates are in the correct location
  7. Close SOLIDWORKS completely, open SOLIDWORKS normally and you are off to the races!

Hopefully this article was helpful in solving the “SOLIDWORKS default templates are not valid” error. If you would like to learn more about the SOLIDWORKS RX tool, please click the link: SOLIDWORKS Support Tips & Tricks – SOLIDWORKS Rx, The Troubleshooting Tool You Didn’t Know Existed – TriMech

Learn more about document templates: Creating custom SOLIDWORKS templates – TriMech

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