SOLIDWORKS 2019 Warning when Inserting Complex Components

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated December 17, 2018


Everyone wants improved performance when working with their assemblies.  If this is causing a significant hindrance to your productivity, let us help with our Large Assembly Productivity Service and we will solve any assembly issues you may be having!

What some may not realize is that the bulk of the lag may come down to a couple “simple” components.  Imported geometry from a 3rd party source is a common problem.  While it looks like a simplified model without a long list of features, all of the fine details with a high Image Quality setting can wreak havoc on generating the graphics in assemblies.

SOLIDWORKS 2019 now provides a pop-up warning as you insert a complex part so you can take action before things get out of control.  In the example below, I’ve inserted an imported model of a Chiller.  No features in the model, just a single part file with several dumb bodies.  When I insert this into my assembly there is a warning in the top right corner of my graphics window.  Click the down-arrow at the bottom of the warning to give more details as shown.

SOLIDWORKS 2019 Insert Warning

This warning is given when the inserted part meets one of the following criteria:

  • Over 3,500 faces and over 150,000 graphics triangles
  • Over 300,000 graphics triangles

It also gives you quick access to the Performance Evaluation tool to give you an overall analysis of the assembly.  Sure enough the Chiller part is the worst component for Display Performance with the most graphical triangles.

SOLIDWORKS Performance Evaluation

Click on Assembly Visualization to see how this stacks up with other components in my assembly.  Sort by the Total Graphics Triangle column and we’ll see there are a few other components that we’ll need to deal with.

SOLIDWORKS Assembly Visualization

On opening the part it turns out this was an imported component with hundreds of bodies, complex detail and a higher Image Quality setting.

SOLIDWORKS Imported Part Image Quality

Perhaps it’s time to learn better methods of working with imported vendor models:

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