SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly Service

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Learn how to leverage the latest tools and techniques for working with large assemblies.


We can help you optimize part and assembly models so they load faster and are easier to edit.

Large Assembly PROBLEM

One of the biggest issues that SOLIDWORKS users face is wasted time when working with large assemblies and their related drawings.

Typically large assembly issues are attributed to slow hardware, network configuration, or software problems. Based on years of experience helping customers with large assembly issues we have found that adopting the latest SOLIDWORKS techniques and best practices will deliver dramatic speed improvements.

SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly Service


Our Large Assembly Service is customized to solve your unique SOLIDWORKS large assembly issues.

Certified SOLIDWORKS Experts will analyze your CAD models, review your system setup, and investigate how your team currently works with complex assemblies. Then provide you with the settings, techniques, and best practices to optimize your process and increase the performance of your system and your team.

Typical Issues

SOLIDWORKS assemblies are slow to load.

Making changes to assemblies is difficult and time consuming.

The organization of our parts and assemblies is frustrating and inefficient.

Benefits from Productivity Service

We have been able to help customers reduce load time down from an hour to a few minutes, and in most cases from minutes down to just seconds!

We help customers to better utilize the latest SOLIDWORKS features and techniques to make working with large assemblies fast and easy.

Customers are able to reorganize their parts and assemblies so they are quicker to find, load faster, and are easier to edit.

How does the Productivity Service work?

An onsite service to optimize your Models, Systems, and Processes

Phase 1

ANALYZE your CAD Models

We will analyze your current model creation techniques and process to determine where changes need to be made to increase performance of your large assemblies.

The analysis we carry out includes a review of how your team creates large assemblies, and the typical composition of the models including: the number of components, the number and type of mates; the number of update holders, the type of in-context relations, the tessellation settings, current practices for feature creation and part model construction, imported geometry, plus many other factors.

Large assemblies can range from as little as 50 parts to several hundred, but if you are experiencing issues with your assemblies we will investigate!

Phase 2

OPTIMIZE your Systems

We help you to optimize your SOLIDWORKS systems so that the right options and settings are applied.

Based on the results from investigating your large assemblies, we will develop a custom solution to improve the performance of existing assemblies. Custom methods and best practices will also be identified to ensure your system is optimized for the creation of new and efficient assemblies.

Phase 3

TRAIN your Team

We will train your team on the best practices and techniques for addressing your large assembly issues.

Training is tailored to your needs and typically includes an in-depth review of the five distinct phases that SOLIDWORKS goes through during the assembly opening process. Factors responsible for slowing down your system in each phase will be addressed. Ultimately, we ensure that every SOLIDWORKS user will be able to work with large assemblies more effectively. This will include using the latest tools and techniques available in SOLIDWORKS to ensure optimal large assembly performance.

90% Load Time Reduction

With large assembly best practices applied

Why use our Productivity Service?

Every week we visit customer sites to help them be more productive with SOLIDWORKS software.

As Certified SOLIDWORKS Experts we spend a lot of time learning the tools and discovering the best techniques to use SOLIDWORKS effectively. We want to help your business identify and deal with productivity issues and pass on this unique knowledge to your team.

Typical Service Results


Time Savings for businesses that have used our service


Productivity increase for users that adopt our best practices

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