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SOLIDWORKS Data Cloud technology

Cloud-Based Collaboration: Stay Connected with SOLIDWORKS

Now more than ever people are needing the flexibility of working remotely. They need access...
Component design 3D Creator

Component creation with 3D Creator xDesign App

3D Creator is a role on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform that contains the SOLIDWORKS xDesign App for...
xDesign on the 3DEXPERIENCE.WORKS Platform

Creating Assemblies with the 3D Creator xDesign App

Creating assemblies with the xDesign App on the 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS Platform completely changes the way...
SOLIDWORKS 2020 Flexible Assemblies

Powerful parts and amazing assemblies in SOLIDWORKS 2020

Every year SOLIDWORKS introduces amazing enhancements to make the creation of parts and assemblies faster,...
SOLIDWORKS 2020 3D Interconnect

SOLIDWORKS 2020 3D Interconnect

SOLIDWORKS 3D Interconnect allows you to reference neutral and native CAD files directly from other...
SOLIDWORKS 2020 3D Printing

SOLIDWORKS 2020 3D Printing

SOLIDWORKS continues to embrace 3D Printing. 3D Printing enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2020 include a searchable...
SOLIDWORKS 2020 Assembly Mates

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Assembly Mates

The Quick Mates toolbar provides a means to rapidly assemble components directly from the graphics...
SOLIDWORKS 2020 Assembly Patterns

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Assembly Patterns

Assembly patterns provide an efficient way to add multiple copies of components to your SOLIDWORKS...
Structure System Tool 2020

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Benefits of the Structure System Tool

You probably remember last year's video; The Benefits of the Structure System Tool in SOLIDWORKS...
SOLIDWORKS 2020 Decimation

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Decimation and Body Compare

Mesh enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2020 include the ability to simplify complex mesh data using the...
SOLIDWORKS 2020 Detailing Mode

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Detailing Mode

With the new Detailing Mode in SOLIDWORKS 2020 productivity is enhanced by allowing users to...
SOLIDWORKS 2020 Direct Mesh Editing

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Direct Mesh Editing

Direct mesh editing enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2020 improve the ability to edit BREP Mesh formats...
SOLIDWORKS 2020 Drawings

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Drawings

In SOLIDWORKS 2020 there have been powerful new productivity enhancements in Drawings that make documenting...
eDrawings VR

SOLIDWORKS 2020 eDrawings VR

Virtual Reality in SOLIDWORKS 2020 eDrawings Professional enables users to explore their designs at a...
SOLIDWORKS 2020 Envelope Publisher

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Envelope Publisher

New in SOLIDWORKS 2020, Envelope Publisher makes top-down design simple. Envelopes, a tool for making...
SOLIDWORKS 2020 Fillet Repair

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Fillet Repair

Design features are always changing, size, shape, even how they are configured at the assembly...
SOLIDWORKS 2020 Flexible Components

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Flexible Components

Make any components dynamic with the new Make Part Flexible tool in SOLIDWORKS 2020. Remap...
SOLIDWORKS 2020 Markup

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Markup

Markup enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2020 include its own toolbar and CommandManager tab, improved hover previews,...
SOLIDWORKS 2020 Sketching

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Sketching

Sketching enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2020 include improved workflows when using touch-enabled devices, smoother transitions with...
SOLIDWORKS 2020 Structure System

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Structure System

Structure system provides a flexible method to create welded structures with or without the use...
SOLIDWORKS 2020 Surface Offset

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Surface Offset

A common technique for advanced surfacing modeling is using the Surface Offset command. In SOLIDWORKS...


Manufacturing of critical features with tight tolerances requires resetting the coordinate system. Probing operations are...
SOLIDWORKS CAM 2020 Tab Cutting

SOLIDWORKS CAM 2020 Tab Cutting

Manufacturing operations need to have larger pieces of scrap to remain attached to the finished...
SOLIDWORKS Composer 2020

SOLIDWORKS Composer 2020

SOLIDWORKS Composer 2020 can now import all the exploded views and their steps from the...
SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2020 leader lines

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2020 Leader Lines

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2020 introduces leader lines for text and balloons. Use the Leader Style Manager...
SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2020 Mass Properties

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2020 Mass Properties

New in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2020, include mass properties for wires, cables, coverings, and partial coverings....
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Reports

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2020 Reports

In SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2020, report customization now includes row height in addition to text height....
SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2020 User Rights

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2020 User Rights

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2020 introduces customizable user rights profiles. User rights determine what each user is able...
SOLIDWORKS Manage 2020 Dashboard Viewer

SOLIDWORKS Manage 2020 Dashboard Viewer

Keep yourself and your team up to date with constantly changing information by using the...
SOLIDWORKS Manage 2020 Outlook and PDM Integration

SOLIDWORKS Manage 2020 Outlook and PDM Integration

Aggregating data and information from a variety of sources is made easy with SOLIDWORKS Manage...
SOLIDWORKS Manage 2020 Process Management

SOLIDWORKS Manage 2020 Process Management

Related files like contains and where used can easily be added to a process in SOLIDWORKS...
SOLIDWORKS Manage 2020 project management

SOLIDWORKS Manage 2020 Project Management

Project Management with SOLIDWORKS Manage enables you to tightly integrate with project resources and deliverables....
SOLIDWORKS Manage 2020 Task Templates

SOLIDWORKS Manage 2020 Task Templates

Task creation and delegation is easier than ever with SOLIDWORKS Manage 2020. You can now...


SOLIDWORKS MBD 2020 helps companies define and organize product and manufacturing data, or PMI, including...
SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 Performance

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 Performance

The increased performance of SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 makes your day-to-day use faster than ever before....


SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 introduces Quick Search to make it fast and easy to find your...


Web2 with SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 introduces expanded functionality for accessing your data from a web...
SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 Workflow

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 Workflows

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 introduces Child Reference State Conditions for Workflows. For example, you can prevent...
SOLIDWORKS Plastics Manufacturing

SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2020 Geometry Based Conditions

SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2020 streamlines and simplifies the process in setting up your plastic injection mold...
SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020 Distributed Coupling

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020 Distributed Coupling

Bolt and pin connectors are widely used in design. Analysis of components that are connected...
SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020 Evaluator

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020 Evaluator

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020 adds a new tool called Simulation Evaluator that provides users a single...
SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020 Free Body Force

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020 Free Body Forces

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020  adds the ability to calculate free body forces at every time step...
Simulation discussion

Stop Stressing over Validation with SOLIDWORKS Simulation

How do you know if your designs will perform in the field? That can be...
SOLIDWORKS Certification Pass

The Value of SOLIDWORKS Certifications

Gaining SOLIDWORKS Certification will help employees to develop their skills and advance their careers. Allowing...
SOLIDWORKS 2020 Assembly Performance

Top performance features in SOLIDWORKS 2020

SOLIDWORKS 2020 includes a number of under-the-hood performance features and enhancements to ensure that you...
SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Face Shield Side View

Using SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation to design a safe face shield

Javelin Technologies is partnering with Canadian hospitals to collaborate, develop, manufacture, and rapidly deploy personal...
SOLIDWORKS 2020 Add-ins

Using your data beyond design with SOLIDWORKS 2020 add-ins

How is your data used after the design is complete? There are many opportunities to...

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