SOLIDWORKS Term License vs Perpetual License you own

Article by Rod Mackay updated March 10, 2020


SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing is a licensing option that lowers the upfront cost of SOLIDWORKS software and allows for more flexible deployment options for start-ups, makers, consultants, contractors and businesses of any size.

Term Licensing is essentially renting a SOLIDWORKS License for a 3 month or 1 year term rather than purchasing a perpetual license which you own.

What is SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing?

Term Licensing is for individuals and companies that want access to SOLIDWORKS best-in-class design solutions with lower upfront costs compared to traditional perpetual licensing.

With a term license you can use SOLIDWORKS products with a quarterly subscription. A term license gives SOLIDWORKS users access to a variety of SOLIDWORKS applications with the same full version as a perpetual license — but with a flexible and affordable approach that’s easy on a software budget and easy to manage.


Term License

Why choose a SOLIDWORKS Term License?

Term Licenses are ideal for companies that need to maximize their cash flow, this could include the following:

  • Licenses are required for short term projects or for the specific phase of a project where specific software such as simulation is needed to validate a design.
  • Licenses are to meet staffing requirements such as contract staff or intern that require SOLIDWORKS for a short time period.
  • new division or project has been initiated and cash-flow is a concern.
  • start-up/new business requires SOLIDWORKS software at the minimum cost to get started.
  • Term licenses are cost effective for a short period of time, note in the graph below that the cost of a term license is higher than a perpetual license at the 2 – 3 year mark.
SOLIDWORKS Term License vs Perpetual License

SOLIDWORKS Term License vs Perpetual License Cost over Time

SOLIDWORKS Products available for a Term

There is a broad range of SOLIDWORKS products available for a 3 month or 1 year term. Pick the links below for pricing:

SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked questions below:

What are the minimum and maximum length Term licenses available?

Products are available for a 3-month or 1-year term.

Is a 1-month Term License available?

No, the minimum length is 3-months.

Do Term Licenses include a Grace Period?

Yes. Since customers are paying for the right to use SOLIDWORKS products for a specific amount of time, a grace period will be added to the expiration date to allow customers sufficient time to install their products and resolve any installation or licensing issues.

If I own a Perpetual License can I also add a Term License?

Yes. For instance if you have a SOLIDWORKS Premium license and you wanted to add SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium for a 3-month period a term license could be purchased.

How many machines can be activated with a Term License?

A Term License may only be active on one machine. To move your software from your current computer to a new computer, you will have to use the license transfer functionality inside SOLIDWORKS (Help > Transfer License).

Can a Term License asset be transferred from one machine to another?

Yes. The transfer process is similar to Perpetual assets.

How are SOLIDWORKS Term License products installed?

Term products are installed like any other SOLIDWORKS standalone products. Customers need to run the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager and enter their Serial Number(s).

During the activation process, Term License products will only be activated for the length of the term license (3 months or 1 year + the appropriate grace period for initial purchase).

Do Term License products require internet access during the entire term commitment period or just during activation?

Term License products only need internet access during the activation process. If a product is installed on a computer that has no internet access, SOLIDWORKS can be activated by emailing the request file. This is similar to Perpetual licenses.

What services and level of support do SOLIDWORKS Term License customers get access to?

Term customers have access to the same benefits and services as SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service customers: Technical support, knowledge base, software upgrades and enhancements, customer portal and MySolidWorks.

But please note: these benefits are applicable only for the length of the term license and if customers want uninterrupted support, they only need to renew (or repurchase) their term license.

Does a term license include access to and if so, what version of MySolidWorks is included?

Yes, SOLIDWORKS CAD Term License customers have access to MySolidWorks Professional with one user per term license asset. All other Term License customers get access to MySolidWorks Standard.

Can customers using SOLIDWORKS Term License products collaborate with colleagues or customers using traditional Perpetual Licenses?

Yes. SOLIDWORKS Term License products are no different than their traditional perpetual license counterparts – the only exception being that the activation has an end date. Therefore all file formats are compatible and a company can use a mix of SOLIDWORKS Perpetual and SOLIDWORKS Term License products.

Are Customers entitled to SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard, SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard and SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard with a Term License of SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium?

Yes. Term customers enjoy the same benefits as SOLIDWORKS perpetual license customers, meaning SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard, SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard and SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard will be included with SOLIDWORKS Professional or SOLIDWORKS Premium Term Licenses. And in those instances, all products – SOLIDWORKS, Visualize Standard, PDM Standard and CAM Standard will all have the same expiration date.

Can I run a SOLIDWORKS Perpetual License Add-in product with a Term License of SOLIDWORKS?

Yes. You can run a perpetual license of an add-in with a Term License of SOLIDWORKS CAD as long as the term license of SOLIDWORKS is not expired and the add-in is licensed independently of SOLIDWORKS CAD or SOLIDWORKS Simulation.

For example, you can run a perpetual license of SOLIDWORKS Plastics with a Term License of SOLIDWORKS CAD. Similarly, you can run a Term License of SOLIDWORKS Simulation with a perpetual license of SOLIDWORKS CAD. However, you cannot run a perpetual license of SOLIDWORKS Routing (Premium Add-in) with a Term License of SOLIDWORKS Standard.

Can a customer use SOLIDWORKS Standard on Term License if their company has an existing SOLIDWORKS PDM setup?


Are Term Licenses available for Education, Research, or Global Licenses?

No. Currently EDU, Research, and Global Licenses are not available with Term Licensing.

Is Term Licensing available to both new and existing SOLIDWORKS customers?

Yes. Term Licensing is available to all new and existing SOLIDWORKS customers.

Are Term License products available for a Network License?

No. Term products are only available as single-user licenses.

Is Subscription Service optional with Term Licensing?

No, Term Licenses always include subscription.

Is Term Licensing Service Pack specific?


Can a customer without active Subscription Service for a Perpetual license, order a Term License?


Can Term License customers update to the next major version when available?

Yes. Customers are considered on subscription and have access to the same benefits and support as Perpetual License customers on subscription.

Can I renew my Term License by myself or do I need to contact Javelin?

Customers need to contact us to renew their Term License assets.

When can I renew a Term License product?

A customer can renew a Term License product at any time. The additional Term commitment period is added to the existing product End Date.

How many times can a Term License be renewed?

A Term License can be renewed indefinitely.

Is the Expiration or End Date calculated from the day the software is purchased, installed or activated?

The End Date is calculated based on the day the Purchase Order (PO) is placed in the system

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