3D Scanner for complex Measurement & Inspection tasks

Reliable, versatile and compact 3D Scanner

Mobile, versatile and precise: ATOS Q is ready for your shop floor. Designed as a flexible 3D scanner for complex measurement and inspection tasks, it meets high metrological demands for many industries.

In combination with ZEISS Inspect, it’s a fast, compact and simple-to-operate optical 3D measuring system with real ATOS DNA.

ZEISS ATOS Q features

Designed for industry use

The 3D scanner ATOS Q was specifically developed for industry use: It delivers fully traceable measurement results even under harsh conditions. The optical and electronic systems of the robust scanner are dustproof and splash proof – making it ideally suited for taking a project from the measuring room to production. Another highlight: its compact size and simple, convenient operation.

Packed with cutting-edge technology

The 3D scanner ATOS Q captures quality information fast and with precise detail, providing a reliable basis for data analysis. Its Triple Scan Principle makes it ideal for measuring reflective surfaces and objects with dents. The Blue Light Equalizer increases the brightness of the light source and transfers uniform, speckle-free light to the projection unit.

Fast results, exceptional performance

The outstanding performance of the 3D scanner ATOS Q is largely owed to its Blue Light Equalizer and fast data processing. The Blue Light Equalizer enables high-speed fringe projection and is so powerful that short measuring times can be achieved even on optically uncooperative surfaces. Industrial ports with fiber optic cables and robust plug-in connections allow for high data throughput.

High-speed precision with Blue Light Technology

Precise fringe patterns are projected onto the surface of the object and are captured by two cameras based on the stereo camera principle. ZEISS’s projection technology works with narrow-band blue light, which means that interfering ambient light can be filtered out during image acquisition.


Fast and precise 3D scanning

ATOS Q lense switch

Quality Assured with changeable measuring volume

With its changeable measuring volumes, ATOS Q can be adapted to specific measuring tasks, depending on the size and the geometries of a part. ATOS Q features Blue Light Technology, which ensures the most accurate and repeatable measuring data.

Even the smallest details can be taken for accurate and realistic evaluation, determining, for example, the correction values for the tool geometry (sink marks, warpage and shrinkage) and the machine and process parameters. The system also ensures production control minimizing scrap and rework. Besides, scan data of multiple parts can be used for trend analysis. In addition, measuring data can be shared using the free GOM Inspect software.

ATOS Q 3D Scanner

Quality Assurance of Additively Manufactured Parts

For rapid prototyping, ATOS Q digitizes the full surface of additively manufactured parts and delivers high-quality meshes. The measuring data can be compared to the design data to check the dimensional quality of the parts. Deviation details allow for a preliminary judgment and optimization of design data at an early stage.

In addition, the accurate and clean data from ATOS Q makes reverse engineering much easier. The 3D point cloud generated by ATOS Q can be used as an STL file, allowing for direct 3D printing. In this way, time-consuming CAD data creation is no longer necessary for rapid prototyping in reverse engineering.

Reverse Engineering Workshop with GOM ATOS Q 3D Scan Casting

Quality Assurance of Cast Parts

ATOS Q can be well used in sand, pressure die and investment casting processes to guarantee consistent quality assurance. During tool try-out, for example, ATOS Q digitizes the full surface of cast parts. By comparing the full-field measuring results to the CAD data, deviation analyses are possible to check for shape and dimensions, thus accelerating mold correction and try-out.

Using the Triple Scan Technology, the sensor easily captures even areas that are hard to reach. GOM’s fringe projection technique provides very accurate scan results. In the ZEISS Inspect software, deviations can be represented in an easy-to-understand color plot. In addition, section inspections, check of feature locations and full GD&T analysis are all possible using the powerful GOM software.

GOM ATOS Q Sheet Metal

Quality Assurance of Sheet Metal Parts

ZEISS automated solution, the ATOS ScanBox, allows a fast and efficient inspection of sheet metal parts. Its non-contact measuring system can be used in the sheet metal forming process to guarantee consistent quality assurance from tool try-out and first article inspection up to production control during series production and assembly analysis.

The ATOS ScanBox is delivered with the virtual measuring room (VMR) in the ZEISS software for easy measurement planning and control. After the setup in the VMR, the ATOS ScanBox runs the measurement and inspection program automatically. Even reflecting sheet metal parts and sharp-edged features, such as laser trimming and hole patterns, can be measured precisely. The measurement results give an immediate feedback on the quality of the parts. Users can see the overall shape distortion and look at the trim deviation. The parametric GOM Inspect software even supports multi-part scanning and trend analyses of many parts during production.



Compare the ATOS Q 8M and ATOS Q 12M

Light source LEDLED 
Points per scan8 million12 million
Measuring area [mm²] 100 × 70 – 500 × 370 100 × 70 – 500 × 370
Point distance [mm]0.04 – 0.150.03 – 0.12
Working distance [mm]490490 
Weightapprox. 4 kgapprox. 4 kg
Dimensionsapprox. 340 mm x 240 mm x 83 mmapprox. 340 mm x 240 mm x 83 mm
Cable length10 m fiber optic cable10 m fiber optic cable
Operating systemWindows 10Windows 10 
Measuring volumes100, 170, 270, 350, 500100, 170, 270, 350, 500 


GOM ATOS Q 3D Scanners are used in a wide variety of industry applications

Reverse Engineering

Industrial design and manufacturing

Medical and Life Sciences

Science and education

Art and design

  • Product design
  • Customization
  • 3D documentation
  • Reverse engineering
  • Quality control
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Aerospace
  • Orthopedics
  • Prosthetics
  • Plastic surgery
  • Custom wheelchairs
  • Research
  • Training
  • Online museums
  • Heritage preservation
  • Architecture
  • CGI
  • Fashion


Revolutionary 3D scanning and data processing software

GOM Inspect Software

ZEISS ATOS Q operates with ZEISS Inspect, the well-established standard in 3D metrology. Powerful mesh editing functions make it an ideal tool for 3D printing and reverse engineering.

What’s more, you can effortlessly handle simple and complex tasks throughout your inspection process. A software to simplify and speed up your workflow.

ZEISS ATOS Q 3D Scan Process

Solve complex measurement and inspection tasks in manual, semiautomated or fully automated operation on the ZEISS ScanCobot and in the ATOS ScanBox 4105

ATOS Q Manual Scan


With a weight of only 4 kg and its compact design, ATOS Q is light and can be easily moved. It can be used on a tripod in the measuring room but also mobile in production.

ATOS Q scanning part


Combined with a tripod or alternatively a desk stand and the ZEISS ROT 350 rotation table or a Motorization Kit, ATOS Q can be used in semi-automated operation.

ATOS Q automated scan


ATOS Q reaches its maximum efficiency on the ZEISS ScanCobot and in the ATOS ScanBox 4105. The systems enable serial quality control with high throughput and high process reliability.

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