DyeMansion Powershot C

The industry standard for easy and efficient part cleaning

Automated 3D printed part cleaning solution for powder-bed processes, such as Multi Jet Fusion (MJF), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and High Speed Sintering (HSS)

Manual cleaning and post processing of 3D printed parts is time consuming and expensive, especially with large volumes of parts. Using the DyeMansion Powershot C automated cleaning/powder removal machine means that companies can reduce the time and effort to finish their production parts.

Powder removal example
DyeMansion Powershot C machine
PROCESS Solution

Clean your powder-based 3D printed parts

  • Break free of traditional post processing methods and reduce the time and effort for finishing your parts
  • Proprietary cleaning process with plastic blasting media
  • Gentle and efficient powder removal
  • Compatible with all common powder-bed technologies and improved de-powdering of process challenging materials (e.g. TPU)

DyeMansion PolyShot Cleaning (PSC) System

Cleaning process with proprietary plastic media as well as industry standard glass blasting media.

Cycle time: 3-10 minutes

Compressed air system


Automated gentle 3D printed part cleaning with the DyeMansion Powershot C

Powdered MJF Part De-powdered MJF Part

Automated de-powdering boosts production capacity

With the proprietary PolyShot Cleaning (PSC) a mid-sized build job can be cleaned in only ten minutes or less. The time you need for part cleaning and the personnel in your production can be significantly reduced. This boosts your effectiveness and efficiency. By investing in automated part cleaning with the Powershot C, up to four manual blasting systems can be easily replaced. PolyShot Cleaning is compatible with all common powder-bed technologies and delivers residue-free parts for brilliant colours.

Gentle part treatment thanks to smart features

The blasting cabinet of our Powershot C is equipped with a rotary basket and is manufactured from stainless steel. Different blasting nozzles and an ionization unit ensure reproducible results. Couple this with a basket with a soft and replaceable lining protecting the parts from damage during the process. Two simultaneously working blasting nozzles are positioned perpendicular to the rotating basket and the contained parts. The cyclone cleans the blasting media constantly. This configuration guarantees an efficient powder removal.

Advanced operator convenience with enhanced ergonomics and process control

Experience a new level of process control with a touchscreen and integrated control panel. The Powershot C is being operated through a user friendly interface and pre-installed programs can be started. Individual programs can be configured and saved easily, enabling a fast adaption to your application. With a user-centric design everything can be easily accessed and operated safely. Continuous monitoring allows an efficient and reproducible process.

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Typical Part Cleaning Issues

Due to the poorly uniform irradiation distribution, which is unavoidable with manual cleaning, part damages of various kinds can occur. Damaged parts have to be re-produced, which means additional time and costs.

Part cleaning pressure marks

Pressure Marks

Pressure marks occur, for example, when the operator covers points by holding the parts. This results in uneven cleaning. Pressure marks are often only visible after dyeing.

Part cleaning powder residuals

Powder Residuals

Particularly in the case of parts with complex geometries and pockets with different depths, powder residues often stay during manual cleaning. That can cause an inconsistent colouring.

Part cleaning burn marks

Burn marks

Burn marks on parts are caused by too short distance, too long irradiation and too high pressure. Affected parts cannot be colored reproducibly afterwards.


Automated Hands-free Cleaning

Easy operation of the DyeMansion Powershot C machine:

  1. Load machine start automated
  2. Cleaning process timer
  3. Run the automated cleaning process
  4. Unload machine
  5. Ready for next job

Technical Data

AUTOMATIONIndividual programming, control and monitoring of process parameters via control panel and touch screen
Cycle timeVariable from 1 to 40 minutes, typically 3 to 10 minutes
Capacity per runMid sized build job (e.g. 3/4 of EOS P396 or full HP Jet Fusion 4200/5200)
Volume of basket100 liters / 26 liters (actual/effective)
Dimensions of basketØ 600 mm x 450 mm | 23.6 inch x 17.7 inch
System (L x W x H)1700 mm x 1310 mm x 2030 mm | 66.9 inch x 51.6 inch x 79.9 inch
Recommended space requirement2500 mm x 2915 mm x 2300 mm | 98.4 inch x 114.8 inch x 90.6 inch in operation (L x W x H)
System490kg | 1080lb
Requirements400V, 50Hz, 16A or 208V, 60Hz, 20A
ConsumptionMinimum: 1.4m3/min at 2.2bar | 50cfm at 32psi
Maximum: 1.8m3/min at 5bar | 64cfm at 73psi
Sound level< 80dB(A)

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