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Administering SOLIDWORKS Manage

Administering SOLIDWORKS Manage

Administering SOLIDWORKS Manage training course covers basic setup, routine maintenance, connecting to PDM, Document and Record Objects, Users and Groups, various field types, and the Web Client.

Product Data AI

Software that is Turning Product Data into Human Knowledge

Download the white paper to learn about connecting equipment and workers in dynamic ways and turning product data into actionable information.


Jigs and Fixtures Buyer’s Guide Stratasys FDM® Material and Printer Options

Common manufacturing challenges 3D printing is poised to solve Speed and cost: When it comes to manufacturing, one can never have parts in hand fast enough. Regardless of the source, tools can take weeks or…

GM Auto Production

GM’s 3D Printed Sheet Metal Hemming Tool delivers a 74% Cost Saving

Learn how GM used a 3D Printed Sheet Metal Hemming Tool to provide them with significant savings for their lead time, tool weight and production costs.

Dynamic FEA Vibration

Dynamic FEA using SOLIDWORKS Simulation and 3DEXPERIENCE Works

This on-demand webinar covers the simulation of vibration and dynamics using SOLIDWORKS Simulation software and SIMULIA cloud-based tools.

Artec Space Spider in use at UTM Anthropology department

University Anthropology Dept. uses Artec 3D Scanner to turn lab specimens into 3D models for virtual learning

Learn how the University of Toronto anthropology department invests in an Artec 3D scanner to help create 3D models for virtual learning for anthropology, archeology, paleontology, and forensic science studies.

ABS-CF10 alignment fixture printed on the F123 series printer
Thursday, March 18, 2021 Online 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM CT

ABS-Carbon Fiber: Expanding Additive Applications & Enhancing Manufacturing Efficiency

ABS-Carbon Fiber (ABS-CF10) is an ABS-based material with 10% carbon fiber formulated for use on the Stratasys F170, F270 and F370 printers. It is a robust, stiff material that was specifically engineered to produce strong,…

SOLIDWORKS Drawings Users

SOLIDWORKS Drawings Best Practice Tutorial

Our SOLIDWORKS Drawings video tutorial will help you to become more efficient with an optimized production drawing environment. We will also outline our unique service that will reduce the amount of time spent creating, revising, and annotating production drawings.