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3D Printing Technology

Manufacture with FDM, PolyJet, MJF, SLA, DMLS, and LS technologies

Javelin-Cimetrix 3D Printing Technologies

Technology available for our in-house 3D printing and manufacturing services

DMLS Technology

DMLS Technology

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) technology is a powder bed fusion 3D printing process ideal for the creation of production parts, functional prototyping, and thermal control systems.

FDM Technology Fused Deposition Modeling Part

FDM Technology

FDM Technology builds parts in the same strong, stable plastics used in injection molding, CNC machining and other traditional manufacturing processes.

Laser Sintering

LS Technology

Laser Sintering (LS) technology is powder bed fusion Nylon 3D printing ideal for the creation Production Parts, Functional Prototyping, and ECS Ducting

MJF Technology prototypes

MJF Technology

Multi Jet Fusion is a powder bed fusion 3D printing process for creating production parts, housings and functional plastic parts with Nylon 12 PA material.

Polyjet technology

PolyJet Technology

PolyJet Technology is an additive manufacturing technique from Stratasys offering a wide range of machines and materials to create precision prototypes.

SLA Game Controller

SLA Technology

Stereolithography is a vat photopolymerization (photocuring) original 3D printing process, widely used today for its accuracy and speed.

Our Latest 3D Printer

High Resolution Stereolithography/SLA Resin 3D Printer

Stratasys V650 SLA 3D Printer

With the Stratasys V650 Flex 3D printer and you will have game-changing advances in speed, accuracy and reliability to the established capabilities of Stereolithography.

Create smooth-surfaced prototypesmaster patternslarge concept models and investment casting patterns more quickly and more precisely than ever before.

Conventional Manufacturing Technologies

We also provide conventional manufacturing as part of our service offerings

CNC Machining

CNC Machining Services

A wide variety of CNC Machining services including Milling, Turning, Cutting, and Surface Finishing.

Injection molding parts

Injection Molding Services

Low to high-volume injection molding services that supports the needs of any size of company.

Urethane Casting

Urethane Casting Services

Urethane Casting Services for a less expensive rigid, flexible or foam prototype and low-volume part production.

Why work with Javelin-Cimetrix?

What inspires you is your business — how to make it real is ours...

Through implementing a partnership-based approach with our clients, we enhance business processes, facilitate the effective use of 3D technologies, and provide the ongoing education and product support to ensure your solutions work in the real world.

From inception to design, manufacturing to inventory maintenance, streamlined solutions are a key factor in reaching your targets quickly and effectively.

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