Maximize your PEOPLE investment

At Javelin we understand that people are your most important asset and the pressures of business force you to do more with less – like attracting, engaging and retaining talent.

What makes us distinct as a value added reseller is that we offer unique solutions designed to meet your people needs; from sourcing strategies, tailored training, certification, and solutions to capture and develop your existing best practices.

People at Office
People Solutions

PEOPLE problems our customers face

  • Our design and engineering people are under too much pressure to reduce timelines and meet customer demands.
  • We are currently recruiting for new people and need a solution for training and on boarding.
  • People are leaving soon either through attrition or retirement and we need to capture their knowledge and best practices to ensure the business continues to function.

How We Can Help

Training and consulting solutions to help you solve your people issues

Training Course

Tailored Training, On-the-job Coaching, Certification & Assessment

Javelin’s Training Development Team will work with you to find a creative, cost effective solution that will dramatically impact your design time.

Whether you need an Essentials class for a new employee, or an expert trainer to teach time saving techniques for your entire team, we are the right partner for you.

We can also capture your best practices/company processes to develop custom courseware that will ensure essential knowledge is retained within your business and easily shared with the other members of your team.

Typical Services
  • Training Needs Assessment for your team.
  • Custom, personalized training content working on your own critical projects.
  • Flexible training delivery with the most effective training method for your team.
  • Follow up coaching sessions to ensure the new skills have been adopted.

Hiring Assistance, Employee Onboarding & Skills Development

We can work directly with your Human Resources department to help your business assess new hires, provide new employees with SOLIDWORKS on-boarding; and advance the careers of your existing employees with certification.

Another unique benefit of working with Javelin is our experience is helping customers obtain government funding for the development of your employees. We will assist you through the funding process, helping you to find the right program and completing the application.

Typical Services
  • Assess employee candidates to ensure they possess the skills you need
  • Help advance the careers of your employees with certification services
  • Help you to obtain government funding for employee training and development

Featured PEOPLE Solutions

Make your team more productive and improve your business.

3DEXPERIENCE Platform Training

3DEXPERIENCE Platform Training

Javelin provides 3DEXPERIENCE Platform Training for Users and Administrators to learn how to setup and use the SOLIDWORKS Roles and Apps.

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T) Training

Our GD&T courses help designers, engineers, managers, and production/manufacturing personnel to understand, create, and interpret GD&T symbols and drawings.



MySolidWorks is the place to get answers to your questions about SOLIDWORKS. Stay current, sharpen your design skills, and share your expertise.

SolidProfessor Video Tutorial App


SolidProfessor online training resource for CAD software, includes 100s of tutorials for SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, AutoDesk Mastercam and more

Vizualize Configurations

SOLIDWORKS Automation Training

Javelin provides training for SOLIDWORKS automation including Visual Basic, API, and DriveWorks automation software for CPQ and Sales Configuration



Increase your knowledge with a SOLIDWORKS CAD training course from Javelin. Learn the basics and take advanced courses to become an Expert.

SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional High Speed Machining


Learn how to work with SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard or SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional software to create toolpaths and machining in SOLIDWORKS.

SOLIDWORKS Certification

SOLIDWORKS Certification

SOLIDWORKS Certification can help you get a job or move up in your current job. Learn about our certification classes and become a certified expert.

SOLIDWORKS Inspection PDM Integration

SOLIDWORKS Communication Training

Javelin provides training for SOLIDWORKS communication products including MBD, Inspection, Visualize, Composer, Drawings and GD&T.

SOLIDWORKS Drawings Service

SOLIDWORKS Drawings Service

The Javelin SOLIDWORKS Drawings Service is customized to provide you with an optimized drawing creation process that reduces repetitive workflows, time consuming tasks, and manufacturing costs because of inaccurate drawings.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Training

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Training

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Training for Schematic and 3D design, allows you to optimize for manufacturability, maximize quality, avoid rework and decrease time to market.



Javelin SOLIDWORKS HR Services help you to assess new hires, bring new employees on board more effectively; and advance the careers of existing employees

SOLIDWORKS Jobs Training

SOLIDWORKS Jobs Training

If you are currently looking for a Mechanical or Electrical Engineer/Designer Job and need to know how to use SOLIDWORKS then you should take a certified SOLIDWORKS Training Course from Canada’s authorized training provider.

SOLIDWORKS one on one training

SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly Performance Audit

Is your team using SOLIDWORKS to its full potential? Enhance the CAD skills and capabilities of your team with a Javelin SOLIDWORKS Productivity Service.

SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly Service

SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly Service

Regain your productivity with our SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly service, designed to help you learn the latest tools & techniques for managing large assemblies.



Javelin provides SOLIDWORKS PDM training (formerly SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM) for Users and Administrators of the Professional and Standard versions.

SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal Service

SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal Service

The Javelin SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal Service will provide you with an optimized sheet metal process for your custom standards and best practices in sheet metal design.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Training

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Training

Learn how to use SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional, Premium, Flow, Motion, along with Non-linear, Plastics, and Motion, in a Canadian classroom or live online.



Increase your SOLIDWORKS knowledge with a training course from Javelin. Learn Design, Simulation, Data Management, Electrical, Communication and Quality.

SOLIDWORKS Productivity Service

SOLIDWORKS Training Assessment

Is your team using SOLIDWORKS to its full potential? Enhance the CAD skills and capabilities of your team with a Javelin SOLIDWORKS Training Assessment.

SOLIDWORKS Training Plus Services

SOLIDWORKS Training Plus Service

Certified experts analyze your current design to manufacturing process and define standards and best practices. Then train your team to adopt the new practices and be more proficient with SOLIDWORKS.

SOLIDWORKS Training Services

SOLIDWORKS Training Services

Javelin SOLIDWORKS Training Services are proven to improve your skills and gain certification through on-the-job coaching and customized training programs.

Javelin Trains the World

From Australia to Russia to Denmark to Canada & USA, users all over the globe learn to use SOLIDWORKS with Javelin's Online Live Training. Find your location in the map below:

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