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Origin Swabs Print

Concept to high-volume production of validated 3D printed medical devices in weeks

Origin collaborated with 3D printing leaders to develop a one-piece, FDA-compliant, sterile, 3D printed nasopharyngeal test swab.

Sub-Zero 3D printed part

Large-format 3D printer helps Sub-Zero make beautiful luxury home appliances

In this case study learn how the Stratasys F770 large-format 3D printer helps Sub-Zero make beautiful luxury home appliances.

Electric Truck Charging

SOLIDWORKS Helps Tevva Lead the Market in Electric Truck Technology

Watch the video to discover all the ways Tevva uses SOLIDWORKS tools to enhance its business, be leaders in their industry, and change the commercial vehicle industry with the development of electric trucks: To protect the future of our planet, industries such as urban transport need to focus on clean air and sustainability. Tevva is…

GM Auto Production

GM’s 3D Printed Sheet Metal Hemming Tool delivers a 74% Cost Saving

Learn how GM used a 3D Printed Sheet Metal Hemming Tool to provide them with significant savings for their lead time, tool weight and production costs.

Artec Space Spider in use at UTM Anthropology department

University Anthropology Dept. uses Artec 3D Scanner to turn lab specimens into 3D models for virtual learning

Learn how the University of Toronto anthropology department invests in an Artec 3D scanner to help create 3D models for virtual learning for anthropology, archeology, paleontology, and forensic science studies.

Framery pods

Framery use SOLIDWORKS to Design Privacy Booths for Open Plan Offices

Watch the video to learn how Framery use SOLIDWORKS solutions to develop their innovative soundproof privacy booths and pods for open plan offices.