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GM Auto Production

GM’s 3D Printed Sheet Metal Hemming Tool delivers a 74% Cost Saving

Learn how GM used a 3D Printed Sheet Metal Hemming Tool to provide them with significant savings for their lead time, tool weight and production costs.

Artec Space Spider in use at UTM Anthropology department

University Anthropology Dept. uses Artec 3D Scanner to turn lab specimens into 3D models for virtual learning

Learn how the University of Toronto anthropology department invests in an Artec 3D scanner to help create 3D models for virtual learning for anthropology, archeology, paleontology, and forensic science studies.

Framery pods

Framery use SOLIDWORKS to Design Privacy Booths for Open Plan Offices

Watch the video to learn how Framery use SOLIDWORKS solutions to develop their innovative soundproof privacy booths and pods for open plan offices.

Stratasys 3D printed face shield

GrabCAD Shop Helped Get Thousands of Face Shields to COVID-19 Front Lines

Learn how GrabCAD Shop, Stratasys 3D printing management software, was used to process print orders from 100+ partners who volunteered their printing capacity for COVID-19 face shield production. In early 2020, COVID-19 spread across the country, and within weeks, became a global pandemic. The contagious disease that infects people of all ages ambushed the world….

PolyJet Prototype

i-Tork Controls solves Prototyping problems with PolyJet™ Technology

To accelerate the prototyping process and better maintain confidentiality, i-Tork turned to additive manufacturing with PolyJet technology. Founded in 1999, i-Tork Controls specializes in designing and producing high-quality electric and pneumatic actuators. An actuator is a core mechanical device that is used to move or control a system, such as opening a valve. Designed to…

3D Print Bike Frame

Santa Cruz Bicycles 3D Printed Bike Frames speed up R&D

Learn how Santa Cruz bicycles expands their R&D capabilities by 3D printing bike frames, tooling, and prototypes. For Santa Cruz Bicycles (Santa Cruz), a bike is more than just a way to get from one place to another. A Santa Cruz bike is the embodiment of the company’s goal to build the world’s highest performing…