Formlabs Fuse Blast Machine

Formlabs Fuse Blast

Achieve professional, consistent parts that are clean to the touch faster and easier than ever before with Fuse Blast, an easy-to-use, fully automated cleaning and polishing solution for post-processing SLS 3D printed parts.


A fully automated SLS cleaning and polishing solution in minutes.

Fuse Blast seamlessly integrates into the Fuse Series ecosystem and streamlines your post-processing workflow, empowering you to fully clean a whole build chamber of printed parts within 30 minutes and drastically reducing labor and cost.

With the optional Polishing System, Fuse Blast takes your parts to another level by polishing them to a smooth, semi-gloss, and dye-ready surface finish, to deliver consistent, professional-grade results every time.

High Performance Part Post-Processing

Ready-to-use parts with a professional finish in as little as 15 minutes.

Safe to use

The Fuse Blast is a fully enclosed system and can be used in any environment

Hands-free Part Cleaning

Pre-programmed cleaning routines automatically process an entire build chamber in as little as 10 minutes

Filtering System

Media filtering with the Fuse Blast reduces post-processing time on Fuse Sift by 80%.

Consumer-grade parts

The Fuse Blast ionization system prevents dust and media from re-settling on your prints, for clean-to-the-touch parts.

Part Polishing

The polishing function delivers parts with a smooth, semi-gloss, scuff-resistant, dye-ready surface finish for DyeMansion Part Colouring.

Mess-free environment

Fuse Blast features a rinse function that cleans the interior of the cabinet from powder and media providing a mess-free environment.

Formlabs Fuse Blast Features

Formlabs Fuse Blast

Automated Tumbling for Hands-Free Powder Removal

The tumbling basket inside the Fuse Blast efficiently removes semi-sintered and loose powder from the parts’ surface using a combination of basket rotation, compressed air, and abrasive media.

The tumbling basket is completely hands-free; users only need to take their parts from the Fuse Sift to the tumbling basket using the transfer container and choose a cycle.

Clean Parts, Clean Workshop

Fuse Blast uses an in-line ionizer to remove static charges from parts, releasing surface dust and media residue during processing.

Combining the mechanical effects of the tumbler with a directed stream of ionized air ensures powder-free parts that are clean to the touch, by preventing dust from re-settling after processing is complete. This advanced feature lets users take a part from powder cake to final product in 15 minutes with minimal hands-on labor.

Fuse Blast also features a rinse function that cleans the interior of the cabinet from powder and media to ensure a mess-free environment. In combination with the dust-free parts, this prevents additional dust from being released into the workshop and contaminating the workspace during part transfer and handling.

Formlabs Form blast clean parts
Formlabs Fuse Sift workspace

Pre-Set Routines & Adjustable Settings

The Fuse Blast offers multiple pre-programmed routines for optimized results, no matter what shape or quantity of parts you’re working on. Users can walk away with confidence, knowing that blasting settings have been tested thoroughly to ensure optimal results.

Delicate Mode is designed to gently treat parts that would otherwise be difficult to tumble, ensuring there is no damage to parts with very fine features, thin walls, or that are very small.

For Nylon 12 GF Powder, which has a stronger semi-sintered shell, there is a designated setting that will remove Surface Armor and any loose powder while maintaining the integrity of the part. Most parts will perform ideally with Standard Mode, but users always have the option to tweak their settings for their own unique needs.

Hands-On Attention to Detail

In addition to pre-programmed, ‘set it and forget it’ cycles, users can also opt to add a manual step to their workflow. For very delicate parts, or large parts that don’t tumble as easily, users have the option to take matters into their own hands.

Manual blasting using the ergonomic blasting nozzle, completely sealed in by the glovebox cover lets you adjust the nozzle, operate the air and media streams using a foot pedal, and clean large or delicate parts easily in just a few minutes.

The orientation of the blasting nozzle arm makes it comfortable for the user even during manual cleaning. For targeted and precise blasting, users can handle parts with both hands and control the blast stream with foot pedals, ensuring every bit of powder is efficiently removed. The Fuse Blast presents solutions for any type of part, in a compact, all-in-one package, so that your cleaning and polishing equipment can be optimized for your own unique workflow.

Fuse hand blasting
Formlabs SLS part polishing

Optional Polishing for Parts

Though manual blasting options are affordable, they lack the ability to go one step beyond blasting for a truly smooth, end-use quality product.

Fuse Blast’s polishing function is an optional drop-in upgrade that can go beyond cleaning to surface finishing, enabling parts that are not only powder-free but smooth, scuff-resistant, and dye-ready with a professional, semi-gloss finish.

The Polishing System can be easily integrated into existing Fuse Blast machines for workflows where a consumer-grade finish is integral to success. The polishing step elevates SLS parts from functional and rugged to polished end-use parts ready for customers, providing a solution for stop-gap or bridge production comparable to machined or molded parts.

Included with the Formlabs Fuse Blast Fuse Depowdering Kit

The all-in-one manual post-processing kit allows you to easily clean SLS parts, and recover, sift, and mix used powder to prepare for the next print.

Easily switch between materials without the hassle of cleaning machinery or gain access to a complete Fuse SLS ecosystem for low-volume production at an affordable price point.

  • Fuse Depowdering Kit Workspace and Tools
  • Fuse Depowdering Kit Sifter (230V) with 150 Sieve
Fuse Blast part process

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Compare Formlabs Fuse Series 3D Printers

FeatureFuse 1+ 30WFlex 1
Laser Type 30 Watt Fiber Laser
Unlocks Same-Day, In-House 3D Printing
10 Watt Fiber Laser
Unlocks Reliable, In-House 3D Printing
Material CompatabilityComplete Powder Range
All Core Powders + Nylon 11 CF Powder
Core Powder Range
Nylon 11, Nylon 12, and Nylon 12 GF Powders
Print Environment Options Inert Gas and Air
Inert Gas Enhances Material Properties and Recyclability
One Option. Easy Setup.
EfficiencyZero Waste Printing
Enabled by High Print Density and Material Recyclabilit
Low Waste Printing
Enabled by High Print Density

Benefits of the Formlabs Fuse Blast

Designed for 24/7 throughput.

  • Achieve faster-than-ever printing speeds to deliver prototypes and small series of end-use parts in under 24 hours.
  • Enable continuous throughput by adding a second, removable build chamber to any Fuse Series workflow.
  • Industry-leading rapid cool down times allow you to start a new print within 1-2 hours of your previous print job.

Formlabs SLS 3D Printing Process

SLS Process Step 1


Use the free print preparation software, PreForm, to import STL, OBJ, or 3MF files, orient models, estimate print times, and pack parts for optimized density, reducing print time and limiting waste.


Easily set up your printer and achieve fast printing thanks to the Formlabs Fuse 1+ 30W laser. Print same-day prototypes and enable small series manufacturing of durable end-use parts in under 24 hours.

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All-in-one powder management station combines part extraction, powder recovery, storage, and mixing in a single device. Fuse Sift will dispense and mix used and new powder automatically so you can reduce waste and control your powder supply.

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Fuse Blast is an advanced automated finishing solution for SLS parts that quickly removes powder and consistently delivers professional parts that are clean to the touch. Deliver a smooth, semi-gloss, and dye-ready surface finish with the polishing option.

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Example 3D Printed Parts

Formlabs Fuse Blast FAQs

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