5 Things Product Designers Need to Know about CMF 3D Printing

The future of design is real, and you can be a part of it. Capture realism in your hands with a Stratasys Multi-material Colour 3D Printer designed for Product Designers.

This white paper will take you through five ways expert product designers are leveraging the multi-material and full colour capabilities of a Stratasys J55 3D printer. Find out how they’re putting Colour / Material / Finish (CMF) models in decision makers’ hands early and often, and you might ask yourself why you haven’t printed reality yet.

Imagine a simple 3D printing workflow that lets you:

  • Bring designs to life in just hours
  • Achieve accurate colour, material, and finish with every prototype
  • Save time and money, getting products to market faster
  • Communicate better with stakeholders and design partners
  • Put prototypes in customers’ hands for user testing

PolyJet Technology gives you the tools you need to take design risks, satisfy clients, and perfect products on time. What could you do with CMF 3D printing?

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