Javelin Canadian customer Frontier Power Products plugged into projects all over the world

Story by Karen Majerly on November 8, 2018

In 2018, for the third year in a row, Javelin Technologies appeared on the Growth 500 ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies, published by Canadian Business. Javelin ranks number 32 on the list of fastest-growing information technology companies.

Growth will continue at the combined Javelin and Cimetrix; that’s because their 6,000 customers are driving innovation in every sector, from tier one automotive manufacturing to medical technologies to agriculture. Coast to coast in Canada, and increasingly internationally, designers, engineers, and manufacturers rely on Javelin and Cimetrix to solve their design and process challenges, provide advice and training, and guide them through all the ways they can use additive manufacturing.

If you go behind the scenes of Javelin’s recognition as one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada, you’ll find thousands of examples of customers who use Javelin’s products and services to do standout work – work that begins with a single designer with a bright idea and ends with a product that propels a business forward, even changes an entire industry.

In this series of customer stories, we’ll highlight some Canadian companies doing that notable work.

We begin with Frontier Power Products, specialists in engines and power generation products. With headquarters in Delta, BC., locations throughout the western provinces, and a vast sales and service dealer network, Frontier has customers across Canada and around the world.

Guido Worthmann is Engineering Manager at Frontier, leading a team of electrical and mechanical engineers.

“We bring the best available products and technical and engineering expertise to our customers,” he says. “We know some need standard equipment and others need custom solutions and we provide both. We are grateful for their trust and their business.”

After-sales support from Javelin

Canadian Frontier Power Products worked with Javelin when switching to SOLIDWORKS as their CAD software of choice, including implementing SOLIDWORKS PDM (product data management) to improve design data storage and workflow.

Guido says working with Javelin has been a great experience.

“The technical team is knowledgeable and prompt, and the sales team provides support well after the sale is completed. Javelin’s support and full suite of product and training offerings has made the switch to SOLIDWORKS as smooth as possible. Overall, Javelin is great company to work with.”

SOLIDWORKS has proven to be a better fit for Frontier’s business and they are producing custom designs more easily and quickly. A favourite tool is FeatureWorks feature recognition, which automatically converts native files of other brands to native SOLIDWORKS format, allowing for design updates on legacy models.

Frontier Africa Unit designed in SOLIDWORKS

Custom generator set for a remote site in Africa.

Implementing PDM has improved the sharing of engineering files across branches and automated many time-consuming tasks that were previously executed manually.

“While there was an adjustment period, the value in switching to SOLIDWORKS is apparent,” Guido says. “SOLIDWORKS sells itself to the users.”

Custom power solutions to match challenging environments

Frontier’s success is based on providing power solutions when and where customers need them. Their work with industrial and marine applications takes their people and products everywhere, from urban centres to the middle of nowhere.

When a customer required 26 generator sets for powering remote buildings in Africa, Frontier was tasked with finding a solution that met a requirement for high temperatures and would provide backup power in an area with unreliable utility service. They designed and fabricated custom 50 kWe units using John Deere diesel 4045 engines and Stamford alternators.

Internal view of Frontier Generator set for powering remote buildings in Africa

A booster trailer to provide safe battery boosting for large mining equipment. Photo credit (above and cover photo): Mike Hodson

“The generator packages are built for heavy duty service,” Guido says. “They have weather-proof enclosures and sub-base fuel tanks. The result is a long, reliable, trouble-free life.”

In another project for a mine site, Frontier designed and built a booster trailer to provide safe battery boosting for large mining equipment. Along with the Kubota engine and Stamford AC alternator, the package includes electrical distribution, LED lighting, a large diesel fuel tank and a 50 AMP battery booster/charger.

Frontier Design Technologist Mike Hodson explained the project. “The customer needed to provide cold weather engine starting assistance – a boost – for large mining equipment in various locations around their mine site.”

The components had to include a bank of large batteries, an industrial battery charger, a generator to power the charger and provide auxiliary light and power, fuel for the generator, and heavy-duty booster cables and connections.

“Using SOLIDWORKS, we were able to design all of these components into one enclosed unit mounted on a matching trailer,” Mike says. “The customer now has a single unit solution for boosting that can be towed anywhere on their site.”

In October, Frontier completed two 130 kWe paralleling generator sets for a heli-skiing site in BC. They are built with a custom electrical cabinet that contains the paralleling and load sharing controller, motorized breaker, and all ancillary hardware for controls.

Frontier heli-skiing generator set

130 kWe paralleling generator sets for a heli-skiing site in BC.

To avoid vibration, Frontier designer Ho Chung removed the factory-standard generator sheet metal box and built the electrical cabinet over top of the generator and mounted off the skid. The circuit breaker’s internal switching mechanism is most sensitive to vibration and this design ensures longevity of this critical component.

Guido says these projects and others showcase the work of the exceptional people at Frontier.

“We have hard working, innovative, and talented people at Frontier. They make all of this possible.”

Visit Frontier online at frontierpower.com.

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