Transparent Cloud Data Management facilitates innovation in Conceptual Design

Creating innovative product ideas requires an effective, unobtrusive approach to managing conceptual design data. Because conceptual design is a fast-paced, constantly-changing process, during which designers utilize trial-and-error approaches and “what if” scenarios to gain the understanding that leads to innovation, it requires a transparent data management solution.

Instead of thinking about or anticipating what data needs to be saved and managed—like when using existing data management tools that focus on the later phases of product development and production—designers working on concept development must be free to investigate multiple approaches, evolve innovative ideas, and explore various concepts, with all data capture and management taking place in the background.

Download our white paper to learn how 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS liberates designers from traditional data management distractions by automatically and transparently performing all data management operations in the cloud; while simultaneously capturing, saving, and managing all conceptual design activity—including concept ideas, conversations, and design reviews—for future use, development, or adaptation.

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