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Speeding development of Coffee Machine Design with SOLIDWORKS

Using SOLIDWORKS design solutions, Coffee Day has realized dramatic productivity gains, resulting in shorter design cycles and reduced development costs for their machines.

Coffee Day is the largest fully integrated coffee company in Asia—from coffee cultivation through brewing machine production through management of retail serving locations. Formally known as the Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Co. Ltd., the Indian company operates divisions like Coffee Day Express, Coffee Day Beverages, Coffee Day Fresh & Ground, Coffee Day Exports, and Café Coffee Day. The firm’s red and white logo has become an icon for quality, good-tasting coffee throughout India and Asia.

As part of Coffee Day’s commitment to leverage research and innovation in the development and manufacture of high-quality automatic coffee machines and vending systems, management sought to accelerate and advance the design and production of machine components by leveraging 3D design tools to improve design communication, accelerate drawings generation, and enhance graphics creation.

Coffee machine graphics

Coffee machine graphics

Improving Coffee Machine Design Efficiency

Coffee Day chose SOLIDWORKS® design software for improving efficiencies in product design, modeling, and communication because it is easy to use, enables photo-realistic rendering of machine designs, and supports the creation of SOLIDWORKS eDrawings® files. Since implementing SOLIDWORKS, Coffee Day has shortened its product development cycles by 40 percent, reduced product development costs dramatically, facilitated collaboration through improved design communication, and improved product quality and machine performance.

“SOLIDWORKS software is very user-friendly and best-in-class,” says Coffee Day Senior General Manager K.G. Dhanyakumar. “We have shortened time to market partly thanks to SOLIDWORKS eDrawings and rendered 3D models that help us communicate design ideas internally and externally with clients.”

Using SOLIDWORKS, Coffee Day’s Design Department not only can create product designs more quickly, but can also more efficiently generate manufacturing drawings and machine renderings, which enables employees to better understand how parts are built and what changes have been made to previous models. “Communications between the design department and manufacturing have become easier by using SOLIDWORKS eDrawings,” Dhanyakumar says.


Accelerate the development of coffee machine components through improved design communication, drawing generation, and graphics creation.


Implement SOLIDWORKS® design software.


  • Shortened product development cycles by 40 percent
  • Reduced product development costs dramatically
  • Facilitated collaboration through improved design communication
  • Improved product quality and machine performance


"We have shortened time to market partly thanks to SOLIDWORKS eDrawings and rendered 3D models that help us communicate design ideas internally and externally with clients."

— K.G. Dhanyakumar, Senior General Manager

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