Cloud is the new choice with DELMIAWorks ERP Deployment Options

With DELMIAWorks ERP you can select the right deployment model that will best suit your business, from on-premise license, or cloud license.

DELMIAWorks offers a broad choice of deployment options that will allow you to pick the solution that is best for your business. When considering deployment options for an ERP system, DELMIAWorks gives you the freedom to choose. From on-premise ERP to Cloud Hosted ERP via the managed services to the  proven Cloud ERP solution delivered via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), DELMIAWorks is committed to giving you the flexibility and freedom you need to excel in reaching your growth goals.

The three deployment options are designed to give you the flexibility, functionality and freedom you need to excel every day.

Factors to Consider On-premise ERP (License) Cloud Hosted Managed Services ERP (License)
Software license fees Paid up front Paid up front
User License Agreement Perpetual license Perpetual license
Hardware Location Customer determines Data Centre
System Hardware Provided by customer Data Centre
Implementation & Training Paid as incurred Paid as incurred
Facility Hardware
(desktops, kiosks, server(s) for RealTIme, laptops, network printers, WiFi, firewall)
Provided by customer Provided by customer
Power, Network & Environment Paid by customer Data Centre
Software Maintenance & Support Fees Paid periodically by the customer Paid periodically by the customer
Backup & Redundancy Customer responsibility Data Centre
Application of Updates/Patches Customer responsibility Provided by DELMIAWorks
24×7 Monitoring for Uptime & Performance Customer responsibility Provided by DELMIAWorks
Offsite Backups & Backup Testing Customer responsibility Provided by DELMIAWorks
Adding Server & Storage Capacity as Needs Grow Customer responsibility Provisioned by DELMIAWorks: added to monthly fees

Automotive Manufacturing ERP Software

As a long-standing AIAG member and participant in the eAPQP Work Group, DELMIAWorks has extensive knowledge of automotive standards and how to best address your unique industry requirements.

Increasing Accuracy, Speed and Scale To Drive Greater Growth

It’s time to get the hours you and your team spend every day managing your ERP system. Having a Cloud Hosted ERP or SaaS-based Cloud ERP system from DELMIAWorks, you can leave ERP system administration, reliability, security and scalability to our team of experienced cloud technical staff. Freeing you and your team to concentrate on customers more and finding new ways to accelerate and scale selling and service strategies that drive growth.

Reducing IT and Operations Costs

Reduce your overall IT costs by going cloud-first alleviating the need for costly and time-consuming hardware updates, hardware services maintenance contracts and hardware repair costs. Cloud Hosted and Cloud ERP solutions free you from ever having to do another operating system upgrade, freeing up IT staff to focus on larger, more important projects to customers and departments.

Taking Reliability To An Enterprise Level With 24 Hour Monitoring

Rest easy knowing the integrity of your system is being monitored 24/7, giving you the peace of mind that your system won’t experience downtime. Through the use of included dashboards and reports, users can view their system’s performance and the Service Level Agreement (SLA) being delivered by DELMIAWorks.

Scalability That Flexes In Real-Time

As the demand you place on the system fluctuates, so too will the resources necessary to keep you up and running. Gone are the days of acquiring robust additions to your computer systems or paying for expensive hardware upgrades when the need arises; we’ve got you covered.

Managed Services

DELMIAWorks customers enjoy managed and monitored environments, providing rapid visibility to issues that may arise, oftentimes meaning DELMIAWorks can resolve issues before there is any noticeable effect on the end user.

Built-In State-of-the-Art Security

Layers of security in the form of backup encryption, multiple backup copies, change management, strict access control and VPN/SSL connectivity provide the highest level of security to each environment

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