Canadian company Antalex design store fixtures with SOLIDWORKS

Antalex Production Floor

Antalex Production Floor

Fewer reworks are required with SOLIDWORKS

Antalex has been using SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software for about seven years, mostly to design store fixtures, which include the Toyota Scion displays that you can see in Toyota dealerships, the Best Buy mobile kiosk displays, and Glentel’s T-Booth fixtures and storefronts. Don Wijesekara is Engineering Manager at Antalex. He was familiar with SOLIDWORKS through his previous company and was so impressed with it that he brought it on board at Antalex.

Scion display

Scion display

“SOLIDWORKS enables us to produce 3D models so our customers can see what the final product will look like and decide on improvements during the design process,” he says. “We can then get designs completed and sent to the shop floor faster, as fewer reworks are required when we can test things like how much of a load a particular shelf will take. It’s a great tool.”

Wijesekara finds SOLIDWORKS to be very flexible and user friendly. “We particularly like the in-place editing tool which enables us to make changes on the fly to any component of a design, without having to remove it and then try to fit it back in. This saves us a lot of time,” says Wijesekara.

“Javelin’s after sales service is excellent, You can tell they appreciate you as a customer because they are in touch regularly and are always looking for ways to provide extra value. I would definitely recommend them.”

“We also like the Bill of Material tool, or BOM, which lists all the components in a drawing, so that anyone looking at the SOLIDWORKS model knows exactly which ones are included and the quantity of each. This makes it easier when an engineer views a drawing that was created by a colleague, and it makes purchasing more efficient.”

Javelin Technologies “a great find”

Finding a SOLIDWORKS reseller was a simple enough job for Wijesekara; he searched online and quickly found Javelin Technologies. “We didn’t know anything about Javelin Technologies, but they have proved to be a great find for us,” he says. “We’ve been working with them now for seven years. We’ve never had any major challenges with SOLIDWORKS, but when we have needed their help with something, Javelin has been very responsive and professional.”

Antalex using SOLIDWORKS to design store fixtures

Antalex using SOLIDWORKS

Wijesekara particularly appreciates the many webinars Javelin Technologies organizes which provide information about such things as new products that may be of interest to their clients, and sources of available government funding. “Javelin’s after-sales service is excellent,” says Wijesekara. “You can tell they appreciate you as a customer because they are in touch regularly and are always looking for ways to provide extra value. I would definitely recommend them.”

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About Antalex

Antalex Inc. of Woodbridge, Ontario, designs and manufactures a variety of products for clients in the store fixture, office furniture, hospitality and building supplies industries. With broad experience working with a variety of materials, including wood, wire, glass and plastics, Antalex has special expertise in metal fabrication, specifically in stainless steel, all mild steels and aluminum.

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