Empowering Conceptual Design via the single modeling environment

Developing innovative design concepts is critically important to the success of product development organizations, large and small, because these ideas lay the foundation for future business success.

Using conventional CAD software for conceptual design presents challenges because traditional modeling tools—developed to finalize designs and support manufacturing / assembly—constrain the freedom, flexibility, and creativity that drive effective conceptual design.

With the SOLIDWORKS® 3D Creator single modeling environment, design engineers have a dedicated platform that is completely focused on quickly capturing, developing, and communicating design ideas and concepts.

Download our white paper to learn how a single modeling environment establishes a new, instinctive paradigm for how design engineers create new mechanical design concepts and work with conceptual geometries.

By stripping out all unrelated tasks and distractions, streamlining user interaction with conceptual ideas and models, and integrating communication and collaboration capabilities, the single modeling environment makes conceptual design more efficient, instinctive, focused, and productive.