How to Implement a Cloud Adoption Strategy

Whether you know exactly where you want to end up with your cloud services initiative or are in the process of figuring that out, the path to completing that journey is just as important. While the official “Cloud Smart” program is a federal strategy to accelerate agency adoption of cloud-based solutions, companies in the private sector would benefit from a similar approach.

In this cloud adoption webinar you will learn:

TriMech Senior Director of Engineering, Todd Troutt, and Director of Professional Services, Eric Bright, will discuss what cloud adoption strategies look like, and how to decide which path makes sense so you can modernize your IT to improve internal and client-facing services, accessibility, and maintain cybersecurity.

  • The latest options for cloud-deployed services and how they can benefit your company and customers
  • The different approaches to implementing a cloud initiative
  • The cutting-edge tools that become available once you’ve made the switch to the cloud
  • How those tools impact the bottom line with efficiency, communication, and security
  • How TriMech Professional Services partners with clients to help decide on and implement a cloud strategy that fits

About The Presenters

Todd TrouttTodd Troutt, Sr. Director, Engineering

Todd is a Mechanical Engineer with over 11 years of design experience and has been in the SOLIDWORKS Reseller community since 2006. Industry experience includes automotive, medical, manufacturing and consumer product design. He has a passion for Simulation/FEA and customer service. At TriMech, Todd stays at the front of the technology wave so that the Engineering team can always line up the best, latest solutions with their customers needs and ensure they are successful at getting the most from that investment.

Todd TrouttEric Bright, Director of Professional Services

Eric is the Director of Professional Services at TriMech and has been engaged in the Engineering / CAD industry for almost 25 years. He has vast experience with establishing and streamlining engineering processes, which helps solve the challenges faced by our clients in this ever-changing field. Eric embraces technology with TriMech’s Professional Services Team and strives to build an atmosphere for growth. Using SOLIDWORKS and other CAD products since 1997, he earned his CSWP and reached SOLIDWORKS Elite Engineer status and continues to support the engineering and academic community on many levels.

SOLIDWORKS Cloud Services

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