Javelin Customer HUDSON Boat Works will ‘Row for Gold’ at Pan Am Games

Story by Karen Majerly on June 10, 2015

A fraction of a second – in world class competition, it’s the difference between mighty gold and second place silver. And it’s that level of detail that offers daily motivation and challenge to the people at HUDSON Boat Works.

HUDSON is a Canadian manufacturer of Olympic class rowing shells and a world leader in developing racing hull shapes, carbon composite construction, and creative, original components to advance the sport.

Since 1984, HUDSON boats have won 80 medals at the Olympics and World Rowing Championships; this summer, they hope to add to that total at the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games. HUDSON equipment will be used by teams from Canada, U.S.A., Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Guatemala, and HUDSON representatives will be on site in St. Catharines, Ontario to provide service and support at the competition, from July 11 to 15, 2015.

Contributing to international competition at this elite level means the people at HUDSON must devote themselves to anticipating and meeting the needs of the best coaches and rowers in the world. Craig McAllister is Commercial Manager for HUDSON and says they have to think and act as elite athletes do, and always work “at the pointy end of the sport.”

“When you design and build at this level, you are always innovating, being transformational. We’re the builder, making a product to get an incredibly finite advantage in a race. We’re talking tenths of a second.”

HUDSON’s offerings once included a wider range of equipment, even recreational boats. Today they focus solely on serving the needs of leading rowers. As a result, their design and construction is setting new standards for performance, function, and aesthetics worldwide.

Building boats is both an art and science, and the engineers at HUDSON live that fact every day. Combining creative minds with the best tools of the trade, they spend their days tweaking hull and component designs – both to advance the sport and to fulfil customer requirements for custom design and components.

Designed with SolidWorks

SOLIDWORKS® 3D CAD (computer aided design) software, sold and supported by popular Canadian reseller Javelin Technologies, helps HUDSON engineers work efficiently from concept to completion.

Hudson Boat

HUDSON’s team uses SolidWorks Simulation tools to create virtual environments that mimic real-world conditions

“We see our 3D designs clearly on screen and can verify those designs before making a physical part,” says Graham Cartwright, HUDSON’s engineering manager. “We have very creative people here. We need to be able to try out concepts, make quick decisions, and keep moving forward.”

When it’s time to check those designs for performance, HUDSON’s team uses SOLIDWORKS Simulation tools to create virtual environments that mimic real-world conditions. It’s a testing ground that allows them to identify any issues before physical testing.

“Composites can be tricky,” Cartwright explains. “The mechanical properties of a particular material may not be constant in all directions and can also vary considerably between plies, adding complexity to the design. Advanced simulation tools allow us to apply virtual loads and visualize strain distribution, and help us identify possible points of failure. Because we can do analysis before physical prototyping and full scale testing, we can prevent wasted material, time, and money.”

These are often-cited benefits of using 3D design and simulation tools, according to John Carlan, managing director at Javelin Technologies. Besides selling and supporting the SOLIDWORKS® software solutions, Javelin offers a full range of Stratasys 3D printers that can produce true-to-life models, prototypes, and parts. They are also known for their classroom and online training and technical support.

Carlan says Javelin’s customers, including the team at HUDSON Boat Works, are “doing extraordinary things in 3D.”

“We love to talk about how our customers are redefining what it means to be leading edge,” he says. “We’re behind them all the way, helping them maximize what they can do in 3D design and printing so they can focus on creating and perfecting. Every day I see pure Canadian talent contributing to amazing advancements. We get to support everything from an individual’s skill development, to business growth, to economic diversification for communities. There’s nothing better than that.”

For more information about Javelin Technologies, visit javelin-tech.com or call 1-877-219-6757. HUDSON Boat Works is online at hudsonboatworks.com.

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