3D Printing Materials Let Medical Designers Work in New Ways

3D printers are used in the medical industry for everything from device design concepts, functional prototypes, and tooling to training and simulation of complicated surgeries.

Materials for these projects range from unique multi-material systems that reproduce tissue to design intent to production-grade, high-performance thermoplastics that give designers the freedom to create innovative products.

Materials described in this white paper include:

ABS-M30, ABSplusVersatile, tough
ABS-ESD7Electrostatic discharge
ASAUV stable
PCStrong (tension)
PC-ABSStrong (impact)
PLAFast draft printing, high-resolution parts
ULTEM 9085 resinMechanically well-rounded
ULTEM 1010 resinBiocompatible, highest heat resistance
PPSFResistance (thermal/chemical)
FDM Nylon 12Strong (high fatigue resistance)
FDM Nylon 12CFHighest flexural strength. Highest stiffness-to-weight ratio.
FDM Nylon 6Strong (impact), tough
(high fatigue resistance)

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