Modernizing Technical Communication by leveraging 3D CAD Data

Nowadays, product companies have automated their design engineering processes to get products to market faster and more efficiently. But in many companies, technical communication — the creation of technical data to support the product — remains woefully under-automated and out of synch with the design process.

Now, you can break the bottleneck by making technical communication part of the design process—and concurrent with it. With a dedicated and powerful tool for graphical technical communication from Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp., you can let everyone involved in technical communication directly repurpose 3D CAD data to create 2D and 3D graphical content.

What is Technical communication?

Technical communication is the process of creating user manuals, assembly instructions, diagrams and other technical data about your product. The reason this is so important is because it can directly affect the end-user satisfaction with your product.

  • Good assembly instructions reduce losses from errors in manufacturing
  • Good packaging instructions help reduce losses from dropped/damaged goods in shipping
  • Detailed models of products in development will help your pre-sales team close advance orders quicker

Download the Guide

Learn how SOLIDWORKS Composer software can help you to create Technical Documentation with the following key features:

  • Create detailed visual assembly/disassembly instructions that don’t require text
  • Generate a Bill of Material (BOM) that automatically updates
  • Create beautiful “how-to” animations for the web
  • Build your documentation in parallel with product design & development for faster time to market
  • Provide a better product experience by allowing customers to be more self-sufficient