Suffering through slowdowns when working with SOLIDWORKS Large Assemblies?

The engineering team at Phil Mauer & Associates once suffered through slowdowns, until they got help from Javelin Technologies. Javelin’s specialists solved their problems and helped them increase their productivity when handling complex geometry by up to 5 times.

Is your team highly equipped, confident, and using SOLIDWORKS to its full potential? You too can optimize your 3D design processes for maximum performance and productivity.

The Phil Mauer story

Phil Mauer & Associates designs and manufactures material handling containers and racking. Customers provide data for a part or assembly in a neutral file format, then the designers use SOLIDWORKS to create a container for that unique product.

The Challenge

Huge files causing frustrating slowdowns and low productivity:

  • Customer-supplied files of models are huge. After import, some have tens of thousands of unique surface bodies with intensely complex shapes. Opening just one part was taking up to 10 minutes.
  • Working on the assemblies was slow throughout operations. With just one mouse click, the software would stop responding for up to 20 seconds, resulting in distraction, high frustration, and low productivity.
  • Phil Mauer’s engineers do not need the full complexity of geometry of the part they are designing a container or rack for. Only a small percentage of the faces actually touch the rack or influence its design. When opening a customer part with 15,000 unique bodies, most faces are irrelevant.

Results with Help from Javelin

  • During custom-designed Javelin Technologies training sessions, Phil Mauer’s designers gained not only deeper knowledge of SOLIDWORKS but also practical skills directly related to their real day-to-day challenges, They practised techniques that pinpoint the cause of slowdowns and learned how to eliminate them.
  • Thanks to a Javelin-designed solution for eliminating the unnecessary geometry not used in the container or rack design, complex customer-provided models can be adjusted upon receipt in just 30 minutes, eliminating hours, even days, of frustrating stop-and-go work for designers.
  • Debilitating slowdowns while opening and working on customer-provided files have been eliminated, resulting in user productivity increasing by four to eight times.

Javelin’s Productivity Service – How it worked

  1. Analysis: During a full-day visit from one of Javelin’s productivity services specialists, he met with the team and individuals, watching them work and discussing their challenges. The goal was to fully understand design and modelling work and workflow, as well as to gauge the strengths and proficiency of each SOLIDWORKS user.
  2. Custom Solution: Javelin discovered the bottlenecks, reported on the findings of the assessment, and designed a tailored, two-day training course dedicated to solving the team’s challenges with large assemblies and complex imported geometry.
  3. Implementation: Now knowing Phil Mauer’s unique challenges so well, Javelin’s training team focused on the most critical areas to address during training – training that was completely customized while leaving plenty of room for brainstorming, collaboration, and two-way communication during the sessions.

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"Think about taking just 1 second vs. 10 seconds, or 1 minute vs. 10 minutes. That's 10 times better productivity. Multiply that by the number of people working on projects over a week, or over a year. Overall, we estimate user productivity has increased by up to 5 times when dealing with complex geometry. Imagine the impact on how our people feel about their work. Imagine the impact on our business."

Mike Taylor, Product Development Manager, Phil Mauer.

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