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Canadian Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The ProtectON Reusable Protective Face Shield helps keep Canadians safe from COVID-19 by providing a durable face shield that is designed, tested, and produced in Canada.

ProtectON 50-pack

Boxes of 50 ProtectON reusable face shields are now available from the Javelin web store

Price CAD $600.00 + Tax & Shipping

About ProtectON

ProtectON Reusable Medical Face shields have been developed with extensive feedback from front-line workers to meet the most stringent demands for safety, coverage, and performance.

Third-party testing has shown the device exceeds CSA and ANSI standards and can be sterilized or disinfected using many common processes, reducing PPE costs and resultant waste when compared to disposable solutions.

From long term care facilities to the shop floor, or your local grocery store, the ProtectON Reusable Protective Face Shield has you covered.

ProtectON Medical Face Shield Features

User-friendly protective COVID-19 shield that is reusable and recyclable

  • Research

    Many partners worked together to develop ProtectON. Javelin’s early face shield designs were 3D printed and tested in a number of clinical and non-clinical settings in a healthcare environment. Feedback from healthcare professionals drove design modifications to maximize effectiveness and comfort. Javelin then worked with Canadore College’s Innovation Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Prototyping (ICAMP) to advance the product to the production stage.

  • Reusable

    ProtectON face shields can be safely sterilized and reused, whether in a clinical, professional, or personal setting. From the beginning, the Javelin professional services team felt strongly about protecting the environment and ensuring long-term sustainability by designing a reusable face shield.

  • COVID-19 Safety

    ProtectON shields are made from robust materials designed to withstand the rigours of daily use. Superior COVID-19 droplet protection is ensured via the closed-halo design with foam forehead seal, and the extra long shield provides comprehensive coverage.

  • Testing

    ProtectON medical face shields have successfully undergone extensive development and rigorous testing. ProtectON meets Canadian Standards Association and ASTM International safety guidelines. View test results »

  • Facilities

    ProtectON is manufactured in Ontario, Canada, by North Bay Plastic Molders; the firm has over 35 years’ experience in plastics manufacturing, and the shields are manufactured in an ISO and MDEL certified facility.

  • Recyclable

    The makers of ProtectON are very conscious of their responsibility to the environment and the implications of its operations. The sterilizable design is intended to reduce medical and/or personal waste; whenever possible, recycled polymer is used within the manufacturing process. Polypropylene is prime grade and 100% recyclable.

Javelin Manufacturing

Made in Canada

ProtectON was developed in Canada to meet the protection needs of Canadians.

North Bay Plastic Molders
TWG Communications
Pure North Medical

Licensing, Testing and Standards

Medical Device Establishment Licence (MDEL) - 13398 for distributor holder: North Bay Plastic Molders Ltd.

Standards that are tested against:

ProtectON face shields have been tested against industry standards CSA Z94.3, ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2015 by an independent 3rd party testing facility.

Please refer to our complete testing report at the following link for more information on the results: Testing summary is available here »


  1. This product has not been tested or qualified to prevent or reduce infection, and does not provide particulate filtration.
  2. It is not intended for use in surgical settings, the product has not been disinfected or cleaned, it is non-sterile.
  3. Avoid exposure to intense light and high heat.
  4. The face shield is a single user product and should not be shared with others.
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A box of 50 medical grade face shields is CAD $600 + Tax & Shipping