SOLIDWORKS 2020 Envelope Publisher

New in SOLIDWORKS 2020, Envelope Publisher makes top-down design simple.

Envelopes, a tool for making reference components, are no longer limited to components within the same assembly.   Now, components can be selected from other sub-assemblies and included as envelopes in the destination assembly.  Work collaboratively in large assemblies with the new Envelope Publisher.

Envelopes have long been a great tool for making reference components that do not affect calculations or BOMs. With the new Envelope Publisher in SOLIDWORKS 2020, envelopes are no longer limited to components in the same assembly. Now, you can simply select the components needed for reference and a destination assembly. Once the envelope is created, you can open the SAME destination assembly to complete the task.

You can add reference geometry or mate directly to the envelope components, ensuring the design will fit in the top-level assembly.

Envelope publisher makes it simple to work collaboratively in large assemblies and be assured design work will fit together seamlessly.

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