SOLIDWORKS 2020 Markup

Markup enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2020 include its own toolbar and CommandManager tab, improved hover previews, exporting to PDF, JPEG and TIFF formats, support for 2D Drawings, and the ability to create markups with a mouse – no need for a touch screen device.

Markups are a great way to communicate with collaborators directly inside a SOLIDWORKS file. With SOLIDWORKS 2020 accessing these tools is easier than ever now that they have their own toolbar and CommandManager tab. You’ll also notice that, while in “Touch” mode, these buttons are larger and easier to hit on the first try.

As always, markups are stored in the FeatureManager tree under the “Markups” folder. SOLIDWORKS 2020 makes finding a specific markup much easier now that the new hover preview shows markups in the orientation in which they were created.

Once you’re satisfied with your markups export one, or many, to several different file formats including PDF, JPEG and TIFF. SOLIDWORKS 2020 now supports markups in 2D drawings! The same toolbars and workflows are available making markups in drawings familiar and intuitive.

The visibility of markups can be controlled on an individual basis – from the right-click context menu – or on a global basis using the “View” drop-down in the “Heads-up Display”.

In the past, participating in markups required a touch screen device. Now, SOLIDWORKS 2020 supports devices without touch screens. Simply use your mouse to click-and-draw! SOLIDWORKS facilitates effective communication through markups and with SOLIDWORKS 2020 it’s easier than ever to use across all files and across all devices.

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