SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD for a 3D World

If you are currently using a 2D CAD system and are thinking about moving to SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software you should download this white paper to learn about the advantages.

Outside of science fiction, we are constrained to manipulating only 3 of the many hypothesized dimensions of our universe. So why is it that according to Jon Peddie Research’s 2015 Worldwide CAD Market Report,

  • Approximately 20% of companies limit themselves further by exclusively using 2D Computer Aided Design solutions?
  • The same report also found that 60% of companies surveyed still use a primarily 2D work flow despite also utilizing 3D CAD elements, requiring designers and engineers to work in both systems.

Designing in 2D forces designers to work with only simplified representations of objects that exist in a 3D world, and places a hard limit on the value of created design data.

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