SOLIDWORKS Helps Tevva Lead the Market in Electric Truck Technology

Watch the video to discover all the ways Tevva uses SOLIDWORKS tools to enhance its business, be leaders in their industry, and change the commercial vehicle industry with the development of electric trucks:

To protect the future of our planet, industries such as urban transport need to focus on clean air and sustainability. Tevva is a leader in electronic truck technology, developing modular electrification systems for medium-duty commercial vehicles to directly combat the use of diesel fuel.

Replacing traditional diesel engines

By replacing the traditional diesel engine with a sustainable electronic battery, Tevva eTrucks are able to do the same work as those with a traditional internal combustion engine (ICE), and the company is also developing technologies to reduce CO2 and other emissions. With a suite of SOLIDWORKS tools, Tevva has been able to design and build its products while creating a cleaner world.

Using SOLIDWORKS Solutions

Tevva uses SOLIDWORKS for all stages of the product development cycle, including to:

  • Design its trucks using SOLIDWORKS CAD combined with the collaborative capabilities of SOLIDWORKS PDM, which allows its team to always work on up-to-date projects.
  • Test and validate components with SOLIDWORKS Simulation.
  • Enable Service Technicians in their workshop to interrogate designs using eDrawings.
  • Create easy-to-understand service and instruction manuals in-house with SOLIDWORKS Composer.
  • Render photorealistic images using SOLIDWORKS Visualize to use for marketing or to get design sign-offs from stakeholders.
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