SOLIDWORKS Manage 2020 Project Management

Project Management with SOLIDWORKS Manage enables you to tightly integrate with project resources and deliverables. With the 2020 release, you can import projects as XML from tools like Microsoft Project.

You can now visualize your project in popular formats like Load Charts, PERT Charts and Network Diagrams. The new Capacity Planning tool automatically calculates available time from your resources as well as the demand from your projects.

Managing a project is no simple feat. Project management with SOLIDWORKS Manage however, enables you to tightly integrate with resources and deliverables throughout your organization. With the 2020 release, it is easier to get started by importing current and upcoming projects, visualize the life of your projects and plan the capacity of your resources.

If you have projects in other tools like Microsoft Project, you can now import them as XML. Start, finish, duration, predecessors and registered users are automatically recognized so you can start connecting tasks and deliverables right away.

Often, you may have multiple active projects with common resources. With the new Capacity Planning in Manage, you can automatically calculate available time from your resources as well as the demand from your projects. Holidays and Absences may be included as well so you can easily take control of your operational efforts and costs. Improve the effectiveness of your project management with SOLIDWORKS Manage 2020.

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