SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 introduces Quick Search to make it fast and easy to find your files.

Use Control+F on your keyboard and start typing. Suggested searches are provided based on your history and what you have started to type in the search field. Quick Search and fields in traditional search cards now support multiple variables to help simplify your search experience.

Searching for files in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 is made simple using the new Quick Search functionality:

  • Easily access the new search field in the top right corner of File Explorer or hit CONTROL F on your keyboard and start typing. Predictive search is enabled based on your search history and you can use your arrow and enter keys to easily select and repeat a common search.
  • Quick Search is also configurable where you can choose to search from one or many variables in addition to location and version details.
  • You can now use operators like AND, OR, NOT, EQUAL TO, LESS THAN and GREATER THAN so you can find exactly what looking for without filling out multiple fields or manually sorting through various search results.
  • Traditional search cards can utilize the new multiple-variable fields as well so you can improve their usability and efficiency.
  • In both search environments, columns can now be easily moved with a drag and drop so you and every other user can organize search results as you please.

Searching with SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 enables you to find the correct data fast with a simple experience.

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