SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 Workflows

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 introduces Child Reference State Conditions for Workflows.

For example, you can prevent documents from being approved that use files that are obsolete or going under a change. This helps automate your processes to ensure the correct data gets released.

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 introduces a new workflow condition to validate the state of referenced files. For example, you may want a part and its drawing to travel together through their lifecycle or at the very least, ensure the part is released before OR during the release of its drawing. Use the new Child Reference State condition to enforce this behavior.

  • For example a part referenced by a drawing is in the Under Change state. Once the change is approved, the drawing may be submitted for approval. This time the workflow will recognize that ALL of its referenced files are in the required state and the drawing can be released.
  • Another example is during the release of an assembly. The new workflow condition can check to see if any parts are obsolete and if they are, prevent the assembly from getting released. In the transition dialog, use the warnings and state columns to understand what needs to be done. In this case, a component within a sub-assembly is obsolete and needs to be replaced.

Now with Child Reference State Conditions, SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 makes it easy to follow approval processes and ensure the correct data gets released.

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