SOLIDWORKS 3D modeling plays a role in Canadian water treatment and conservation

Javelin Technologies is best known as a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) of SOLIDWORKS® software, but some of its customers are advancing their projects by having Javelin do the 3D design work for them. David Bromley is an engineering consultant specializing in municipal and industrial water treatment. He is involved in developing new methods of treating water and wastewater more efficiently in high water using industries, including the energy sector.

Nanoflotation – New water treatment technology for petroleum exploration and production.

Nanoflotation – New water treatment technology for petroleum exploration and production.

In traditional water treatment methods, water is passed through a membrane, which acts like a barrier and blocks solids from passing through the membrane resulting in clean water on the opposite side of the membrane. The flow-through rate is slow, so the membrane has to cover a lot of area to treat the water properly and keep the water moving. It also gets dirty, requiring regular cleaning and frequent and expensive replacement.

Bromley developed a powder-like coating for the standard membranes that allows water to flow through at 10 to 15 times the usual rate, reducing the need for large surface area and the related capital expenditures. The coating is easier to clean, and cheaper to replace than the membrane itself.

“Because of Javelin, we’ve been able to develop the process in a much shorter period and get people on board with a promising new technology.”

— David Bromley, Consultant, David Bromley Engineering Ltd.

SOLIDWORKS Filter Assembly

SOLIDWORKS Filter Assembly

“In order for people to understand, we had to show them a graphic model of how the process works,” Bromley says. “We asked the Javelin application engineers to turn our concept into a 3D model so we could easily talk to potential investors and customers and get more people interested in our technology.”

The partnership between Bromley and Javelin continues to evolve. Because Bromley didn’t just need a 3D model of an object, but of an entire process, he has been working with Javelin to create very advanced modelling. The goal is to arm the treatment system’s operator with all the data he or she needs to monitor changes over time and react faster and better to any abnormalities. “We can build in criteria that helps us clearly see what is happening,” Bromley says. “A pressure build up might be shown with a change in colour, for example. We can also gather data to help us continue to improve effciency. We might learn how to make an even better powder or how to configure the membrane differently.”

John Carlan is managing director of Javelin Technologies. He says his people are seeing increasing numbers of requests for services, as opposed to simply sales and support. “We love to engage with our customers this way,” he says. “We like to take a consulting approach and help people with trickier projects. Having the best possible model is so valuable in getting the sale. And in this case, it’s great to be involved in a clean water initiative.” Bromley reports that the Javelin team has been a solid partner as they work together in ongoing co-creation and design enhancement. “They’re great people who have been very accommodating.”


Generate interest in and acceptance of new, more efficient treatment technology for industrial water and wastewater. Convince potential investors and customers that there is a better way to treat water by clearly showing them how it works


Partner with Javelin Technologies to bring concept to life through 3D modelling of the entire treatment process. Take advantage of Javelin’s unique expertise in SolidWorks 3D design software by having their application engineers create the visual model. Continue the relationship with Javelin to make ongoing improvements to the treatment elements and process


  • Enhanced ability to engage stakeholders, increased buy-in, and unit sales
  • Improved time-to-market through use of 3D models
  • More business opportunities for both Bromley and Javelin
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