MakerBot METHOD Carbon Fiber

Print Strong, Heat-Resistant Metal Replacement Parts

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Produce carbon fiber parts with superior three-dimensional strength and accuracy

Stratasys Powered 3D Printer

Replace metal parts with 3D printed Carbon Fiber on METHOD

Print carbon fiber reinforced nylon and other engineering-grade composite parts with three dimensional strength and accuracy like never before on METHOD’s unique industrial desktop platform.

Why MakerBot METHOD Carbon Fiber?

Faster and more precise printing than ever before with manufacturing features you need:

  • Heated Chamber

    A Heated Chamber That Delivers Stronger Manufacturing-Grade Parts.

  • Advanced Materials

    An Open Platform for Advanced Engineering Materials.

  • Part Accuracy

    Guaranteed Part Accuracy and SR-30 Soluble Support.

  • Time Saving Workflow

    Save Engineering Time with an Automated Workflow and CAD Integration.

MakerBot METHOD X iso view
Uncompromised layer adhesion and part strength

Circulating Heated Chamber

Control the temperature and quality of every layer - not just the first. While heated build plates are effective at reducing warping, METHOD takes this further with full active heat immersion during the entire duration of the print.

METHOD 60°C Chamber | METHOD X 100°C Chamber

METHOD Carbon Fiber Applications

Consistent print results with a dimensional accuracy of ±0.2mm

Three bladed propeller

Metal Replacement Parts

Carbon fiber reinforced nylon is optimized for high strength, stiffness, and heat resistance making it ideal for structural applications and metal replacements.

  • Excellent strength to weight ratio - 110 MPa TS - for lightweighting applications such as robotic end effectors
  • Engineering-grade stiffness - 7600 MPa Tensile Modulus - for structural applications such as vehicular brackets and inspection gauges
  • High heat resistance under load - 184°C HDT - for optimal under-hood and tooling applications
Threaded pipe anchor

Nylon Carbon Fiber Parts

METHOD’s unique industrial feature set produces carbon fiber parts with superior three-dimensional strength and accuracy.

  • METHOD’s Heated Chamber delivers parts that are strong and and accurate.
  • Outstanding surface finish that hides layer lines thanks to METHOD’s Ultra-Rigid Metal Frame.
  • Print the most complex geometries including internal cavities with soluble support, or use breakaway support for faster print
  • METHOD’s sealed filament bays help keep the material dry, resulting in better print quality and reliability, and METHOD’s pre-print spool drying feature allows for the recovery of oversaturated filament.

Disolvable Support System

Superior surface finish and unrestricted geometric freedom are paramount to delivering high quality printed parts.

Stratasys SR-30 ensures fast and effortless support removal without compromising part design or dimensional accuracy.

Stratasys SR-30 soluble support material provides two key benefits:

  • Unrestricted geometric freedom (large overhangs, cavities, etc.)
  • Superior print quality and surface finish
Dissolvable support system

MakerBot METHOD Carbon Fiber Key Features

Includes dual extruders and a rigid frame

MakerBot Method extruders

Dual Performace Extruders

Featuring lengthened thermal cores, optimized torque, and an industry-leading sensor suite. Performance Extruders maximize material flow rate at high speeds while providing consistent and reliable extrusion across every layer.

MakerBot Method frame

Ultra-rigid Construction

A structurally-optimized metal frame runs the full length of the body to offset flexing. Less flexing means more consistent prints with better part accuracy and fewer failures.

MakerBot Method material bay

Optimized Material Storage

Dry-Sealed Material Bays form a near-perfect seal to keep material free of damaging humidity. A suite of built-in sensors provides that your material is stored in its optimal environment—a feature previously only available in industrial 3D printers.

Nylon carbon fiber material

MakerBot Nylon Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber reinforced nylon is optimized for high strength to weight ratio, stiffness, and heat resistance making it ideal for
structural applications and metal replacements.


A formidable tensile strength of 110 Mpa makes MakerBot Nylon Carbon Fiber ideal for lightweighting metal parts such as robotic end effectors.


For applications that require parts hold their form with minimal flex - such as automotive brackets or inspection gauges, Nylon Carbon Fiber offers an impressive 7600 Mpa tensile modulus.


When exposed to heat other materials can deform under pressure. Nylon Carbon Fiber offers high heat deflection of 184°C making it great for higher temp under-hood and tooling applications.

Tech SpecsImperialMetric
Tensile Strength (ISO 527)16,000 psi110 Mpa
Tensile Strength (ISO 527)1,102,000 psi7600 Mpa
Strain at Yield (ISO 527)2%2%
Heat Deflection Temperature (ASTM 648, 66 psi)360°F184°C

MakerBot METHOD Carbon Fiber Specifications

Size, weight, and software details

MakerBot METHOD Machines
FeatureMETHOD Carbon FiberMETHOD X Carbon Fiber
SpecificationPrint Carbon Fiber and a selection of polymers with the aid of a 60°C heated chamberPrint Carbon Fiber + the full range of engineering composites and polymers with a 110°C heated chamber
±0.2mm (0.007in)
Heated Build
Build VolumeSingle Extrusion 19 L x 19 W x 19.6 H cm / 7.5 x 7.5 x 7.75 in
Dual Extrusion 15.2 L x 19 W x 19.6 H cm / 6.0 x 7.5 x 7.75 in
100 - 240 VAC, 50/ 60 Hz,
400 W max 3.9A -1.6A
100 - 240 VAC, 50/ 60 Hz,
800 W max 8.1A- 3.4 A
Layer Resolution20-400 micron
Nylon Carbon Fiber
Precision Materials
: PLA, Tough, PVA
Specialty Materials: PETG
Nylon Carbon Fiber
Precision Materials
: PLA, Tough, PVA, ABS, Stratasys® SR-30
Specialty Materials: PETG
- Quick Prototypes
- Fit Tests
- Concept Iterations
- Manufacturing Tools
- End-use Parts
- Functional Prototypes

MakerBot METHOD Carbon Fiber Benefits

Maximum innovation with minimal investment

  • Accelerate Product Development

    Put speed and control into your design cycles while reducing production costs to bring your products to market, fast. A project requiring 10 design iterations can be reduced to 4 days in-house using METHOD, as opposed to 40 days (including shipping) from an outsourced supplier.

  • Reduce Design Risk

    Design mistakes found late in production can be exponentially more expensive than when found earlier in the product  development cycle. METHOD allows your team to test and validate more prototypes with accuracy early and often; minimizing potential cost overruns later in production.

  • Reclaim the cost of development time

    Put an end to frivolous tinkering, equipment upkeep, and stalled innovation at the cost of valuable design time. With the DNA and architecture of an industrial 3D printer, METHOD is built and extensively tested by MakerBot to print reliable prototypes—no tinkering or calibration required.

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership

    From the purchase and installation to ongoing maintenance, materials, and support, METHOD is designed from the ground up to deliver industrial-quality performance at about one-third the first-year cost of ownership of an entry-level industrial 3D printer.

MakerBot Make exploded view

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6 Business hour Response Time

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3 Year Coverage

Get MakerBot's fastest, most comprehensive level of support for 3 full years from the registration of your MakerBot 3D Printer.

Hot Swap

The Hot Swap service ensures that you will experience minimal downtime if you ever run into issues. If MakerBot Support determines your MakerBot 3D Printer needs to be replaced, they will ship a replacement even before you ship back your defective unit.

Overnight replacement of defective parts

For the duration of your plan, we will replace defective parts, including due to accidental damage and normal wear and tear, and ship them via overnight at the earliest availability**

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Whereas many companies outsource support, MakerBot agents are rigorously trained and based in their Brooklyn US headquarters so that you can get friendly, expert advice with ease.

* MakerBot Support business hours are Mon–Fri: 9am-6pm ET
** Expedited shipping means that a part is shipped to a customer via overnight shipping at the earliest availability (usually within one business day), so customers can expect to receive their parts within 2 days. Replacement parts exclude consumables.

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