Somos® WaterShed XC 11122

An easy to use, low viscosity, water-resistant stereolithography
material for use in numerous applications

Somos WaterShed XC 11122 Material Properties

Behaviour and use

Material Overview

As one of the industry’s most popular materials, Somos® WaterShed XC 11122 is the clear solution for numerous applications. Whether you’re a designer looking for highly detailed parts with superior clarity and water resistance, or an engineer focusing on durability for functional testing, Somos® WaterShed XC 11122 mimicks the look and feel of clear thermoplastics, such as ABS and PBT.

Somos® WaterShed XC 11122 produces optically clear parts with a smooth finish and it’s ease of use helps to shorten product development and testing. This versatility means Somos® WaterShed XC 11122 is the ideal material in markets such as automotive, aerospace and consumer products for applications including packaging, RTV patterns, durable concept models, wind tunnel testing and investment casting patterns.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use and finish
  • Superior moisture resistance
  • Exceptional clarity

Ideal Applications

  • Consumer products
  • Fluid flow analysis
  • Duct work
  • Investment casting
  • Lenses

Somos WaterShed XC 11122 Specification & Features

Liquid PropertiesOptical Properties
AppearanceOptically clear, near colourlessEC11.5 mJ/cm²[critical exposure]
Viscosity~260 cps @ 30°CDP6.50 mils[slope of cure-depth vs. In (E) curve]
Density~1.12 g/cm @ 25°CE1054 mJ/cm²[exposure that gives 0.254 mm (.010 inch) thickness]
D542Index of Refraction (cured)Density~1.12 g/cm @ 25°C1.514


Mechanical PropertiesUV Postcure
ASTM MethodProperty DescriptionMetricImperial
D638MTensile Strength at Break50.4 MPa7.3 ksi
D638MElongation at Break15.5%
D638MElongation at Yield3%
D638MTensile Modulus2,770 MPa402 ksi
D790MFlexural Strength68.7 MPa10.0 ksi
D2240Flexural Modulus2,205 MPa320 ksi
D256AIzod Impact (Notched)25 J/m0.47 ft-lb/in
D570-98Water Absorption0.35%


Thermal/Electrical PropertiesUV Postcure
ASTM MethodProperty DescriptionMetricImperial
E831-05C.T.E. -40 - 0°C (-40 - 32°F)67 µm/m°C37 µin/in°F
E831-05C.T.E. 0 - 50°C (32 - 122°F)93 µm/m°C52 µin/in°F
E831-05C.T.E. 50 - 100°C (122 - 212°F)180 µm/m°C100 µin/in°F
E831-05C.T.E. 100 - 150°C (212 - 302°F)187 µm/m°C104 µin/in°F
D150-98Dielectric Constant 60 Hz4.0
D150-98Dielectric Constant 1 KHz3.8
D150-98Dielectric Constant 1 MHz3.5
D149-97aDielectric Strength15.9 kV/mm404 V/mil
D648HDT @ 0.46 MPa (66 psi)50°C122°F
D648HDT @ 1.81 MPa (264 psi)49°C120°F

Stereolithography (SLA) Technology

Advantages of 3D printing Somos WaterShed XC 11122 with a Stratasys Machine

What is Stereolithography?

Stereolithography (SL/SLA) was the world’s first 3D printing technology, and it remains a great option for highly detailed prototypes that require tight tolerances and smooth surfaces. It uses a UV laser to cure and solidify fine layers of photopolymer in an open vat.

Why choose SLA?

SLA is great for prototyping parts that will ultimately be painted or coated because the models can be finished using the same materials and processes as the end product. Transparent, heat resistant and moisture resistant materials are also attractive for medical, automotive and other prototypes that call for flow visualization, light transmittance or thermostability.

SLA benefits

Product designers opt for SL models when a quick build time is crucial, and they can invest time and resources into additional finishing processes. SL can also produce master patterns for urethane casting, and investment casting patterns that are used to produce metal parts for aerospace, automotive, power generation and medical applications.

SLA 3D Printing & Post-processing Machines

Machines that can 3D print and post-process Somos WaterShed XC 11122 parts

Stratasys Neo Stereolithography 3D Printer

Stratasys Neo Stereolithography

Stratasys Neo Stereolithography SLA Resin 3D Printers for prototyping, tooling and master patterns with superior surface quality and accuracy.

DEMI 800 PostProcess machine

DEMI 800 Support Removal

The DEMI 800 Production Series 3D Printing Support Removal machine provides an envelope sized for a few large or several small 3D printed parts.

DEMI 200 PostProcess system

DEMI 200 Support Removal

The DEMI 200 Production Series 3D Printing Support Removal machine provides an envelope sized for a few large or several small 3d printed parts.

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