Streamline your Soft Goods 2D Pattern Process with SOLIDWORKS and ExactFlat

One of the hardest parts of designing with soft good and textiles is getting your design from concept to cutter, this session will focus on SOLIDWORKS 2D pattern process including 3D design, flattening, nesting and manufacturing using the ExactFlat add-in.

Do you design and manufacture soft goods?

It could be upholstery , composites or inflatables. Using the power of 3D modeling with these types of product are a great way of being able to design your parts true to life. But what happens when you have to take manufacturing and cutting into account and turn your 3D designs into 2D patterns?

ExactFlat and SOLIDWORKS

ExactFlat is the first product to integrate 3D design, 3D-to-2D flattening, nesting and costing with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software. This means:

  • Integrated Platform: Sewn product features are parametrically defined and fully linked from 3D design, to 2D flat pattern, to nesting, and costing.
  • Team Collaboration: Design, data, and creativity are on one platform, bringing excellence, speed and flexibility to design, prototyping, and production.
  • Quick ROI: Built directly into SOLIDWORKS for fast ramp-up, with an experienced support team with years of experience in related industries.

Applicable Industries

  • Automotive & transportation seating and interiors: seating, steering wheel & shift knob covers, armrests, headliners, carpeting, trunk liners, insulation
  • Marine: seating, canvas bimini tops, covers, boat hulls, sails
  • Furniture: office, commercial and residential
  • Apparel: pants, shirts, hats, shoes, gloves, uniforms, technical, compression clothing Industrial equipment & technical products: industrial wraps and covers, industrial linings, military equipment
  • Composite products: aerospace, automotive parts, boat hulls, turbine blades etc.
  • Inflatables: hot air and weather balloons, industrial balloons, inflatable buildings, inflatable bladders, inflatable marketing products
  • Other: luggage, handbags & accessories, tents, awnings, medical soft goods, film, protective films, graphic wraps, sports equipment, commercial sun shades, signs and banners, displays, body armor, tactical gear, helmets, consumer product and appliance covers, architectural structures, roofing, and more…
Featured Solution:


ExactFlat is a SOLIDWORKS certified gold partner product for the soft goods fabrication industry.

ExactFlat takes complex geometry of soft goods CAD models (textiles, furniture cushions, fabrics, and more) and accurately flattens the shape for cutting, plus stretch and sag analysis to make sure it fits perfectly the first time.


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