U of T engineering students visit Javelin-Cimetrix to talk about the latest in 3D printing and 3D scanning

Story by John Carlan on January 15, 2019

The future looks bright as we continue to welcome new waves of young engineers to the workforce.

In late 2018, five next-gen engineers, all superstar students at the University of Toronto, visited Javelin-Cimetrix for a Q&A, group discussion, and tour of Javelin’s Oakville, Ontario location.

They came to learn more about 3D printing and 3D scanning. During their time with some of our talented people, they asked thoughtful questions about what’s next in 3D and how best to navigate their future careers, including how to select a great company to work for.

These sharp students, no doubt headed for tremendous accomplishments in engineering and product development, were hosted by me and Christy Kendrick. As Christy said, “Watching their reactions to equipment demonstrations and seeing printed parts in our lab was fascinating. You could almost see the wheels turning in their heads.”

Thank you to our panelists, demonstrators, and tour guides: John Brown, Scott Ellery, Harneel Heer, Ted Lee, Scott Lidgey, Delvin Masilamani, Colin Murphy, Deandra Reid, and Alin Vargatu.

The students we welcomed were Aidan Aird, Kevin Han, Daniel McInnis, Joshua Salim, and Leah Zhang.

Supporting educational institutions, teachers, and students has always been part of the makeup of Javelin and Cimetrix. Javelin’s academic solutions provide hands-on software and hardware to help students prepare for real life applications in the workforce. We are always happy to spend time with the next generation of engineers and manufacturers.

The five students are all part of U of T’s MechEngage team; they share their knowledge to help fellow students collaborate and thrive. They keep up with their own studies and work terms, and take time to coach others. Their interests and fields of study vary, from aerospace to civil engineering. Each is interested in SOLIDWORKS and three have reached out to find out more about our certified training courses.

Thanks to everyone who participated and best wishes to these future engineers!


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