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Case Study

Learn how designers and manufacturers aim high with 3D technology

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Composite molding 3D printer

IDEC réinventent le moulage composite avec la fabrication additive FDM

Découvrez comment IDEC a utilisé l’impression 3D pour accroître sa compétitivité en réduisant le temps, les coûts et le gaspillage de matériaux du moulage en composite traditionnel.

BMW Gabarits et montages

Gabarits et fixations d’impression 3D à BMW

Au-delà du prototypage, BMW étend l’application du FDM à d’autres domaines et fonctions, notamment les gabarits et fixations d’impression 3D.


Scanner en 3D avec Artec Eva pour un suivi de pointe des animaux marins

L’utilisation du scanner Artec Eva 3D permet de capturer des données en mesure précises pour le développement et l’impression 3D d’étiquettes personnalisées pour un suivi de pointe des animaux marins.

Pressed water bottle SOLIDWORKS

Three brothers launch innovative pressed-water bottle company with SOLIDWORKS

Pressa Inc. leveraged SOLIDWORKS 3D design tools to transform what started as co-Founder Luke Hambly’s college design project into a commercially successful startup company that designs, manufactures, and sells Pressa Bottle products, which are backed by an international patent for the company’s unique “pressa” fruit mixing chamber. Brothers Jesse, Luke, and Mason Hambly were college…

3D printed robot grippers

Static-dissipative 3D printing material offers the best solution for electrical applications

Siemens AG in Karlsruhe innovates automation in production using Stratasys ABS-ESD7 static-dissipative 3D printing material. Siemens AG is a global company with a focus on electrification, automation and digitization, making  it one of the world’s largest providers of energy efficient and resource-conserving technologies. The Siemens Manufacturing-Karlsruhe (MF-K) site is mainly focused on process automation and…

Stratasys F900 cuts cost

3D printing cuts cost of inspection templates by 96%

CPI Aero, Inc. (CPI) manufactures structural assemblies for military and commercial aircraft. These assemblies have to be produced to very close tolerances, as most of them directly affect an aircraft’s aerodynamic performance. For example, the height of the barrel-shaped outer skins of a business jet engine inlet assembly needed to be maintained within +/- 0.030…

Skate Park Configuration - Ogden

Modular site furniture manufacturer Maglin eliminates two-week sales process using DriveWorks CPQ system

Maglin Site Furniture designs and manufactures quality seating, tables, waste containers, bike racks, and planters for public gathering areas. The organization has to be effective, lean, and fast-moving to meet the demands of customers who want custom configurations to suit their creative designs. Customization usually means longer lead times, but landscape architects and site contractors can rarely afford…

Contact lens design

Visualizing the path to innovation in contact lens design with SOLIDWORKS

By standardizing on the SOLIDWORKS 3D design platform, Bausch & Lomb engineers have positioned themselves to achieve innovative breakthroughs in lens performance and wearer comfort.

Low volume production with 3D printing

Overcoming Low Volume Production Barriers with FDM Additive Manufacturing

Using a Stratasys Fortus 450mc 3D Printer, Pack Line Ltd., are able to run low volume production of replacement parts for their machines faster and at a reduced cost compared to traditional CNC manufacturing.

Rimac electric hyper car

Advancing High-Performance Electric Vehicle Design with SOLIDWORKS

Using SOLIDWORKS design and simulation tools, Rimac Automobili accelerated development of the Rimac Concept One, the world’s first electric hyper car.

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