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Certified aircraft interiors solution

Produce Certified Aircraft Interiors with 3D Printing

Certifying additively manufactured parts for aircraft installation just got a lot easier. The Stratasys Aircraft Interiors Certification Solution gives aerospace companies a faster, more streamlined process.

Stratasys Thermoplatics ASA exterior outlet 3D printed part

Thermoplastics: The Strongest Choice for 3D Printing

When Material Stability and Long-Term Performance is Paramount The majority of today’s consumer products — and many commercial ones — are composed of thermoplastics. When designing a new product, engineers can best predict its end performance by prototyping with a material as similar to it as possible. That’s why 3D printing with thermoplastics is so…

Surface finishing part

PostProcess: Advancing 3D Post-Print Surface Finishing with Automation

Overcoming Additive Manufacturing Surface Finishing Challenges with Automated SRF Technology Learn what’s required to optimize and scale a 3D post-print surface finish operation to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity. What challenges are encountered for surface finishing using traditional methods What’s required to optimize and scale a 3D post-print surface finish operation How revolutionary software-driven innovations…

Reverse Engineering 3D Scanning ROI

ROI of 3D Scanning for Reverse Engineering

Download our return on investment (ROI) white paper to learn how Artec 3D Scanners are the perfect investment for reverse engineering product designs.

Cloud software revolutionizing 3D Printing

How software and the cloud are revolutionizing 3D printing

Learn how cloud software is revolutionizing 3D Printing and having an increasingly tangible impact on the way real companies that make things do real business.

ESD PEKK Material

Additive Manufacturing with Stratasys ESD PEKK Material

Many components in the space, electronics and other industries require surrounding materials to be electrostatic discharge (ESD) safe to prevent damage from static discharge. Stratasys has developed an industry-tailored PEKK material to combine ESD properties and chemical resistance with suitable mechanical and thermal properties. PEKK Material Capability Many advanced electronics applications rely on parts that…

3D Printing Education

How 3D Printing Transforms Real-World Design and Production Challenges into Learning

As manufacturing, making, and innovation converge in education, 3D printing is becoming more crucial to curriculums. Giving access to 3D printers enables students across disciplines to learn by making and creating rather than simply consuming content. Hands-on learning is an integral part of the curriculum, turning students into thinkers, designers and builders.

PolyJet Technology

Top Five Reasons to Integrate PolyJet Technology into your Product Development Lifecycle

Learn how PolyJet 3D printing enables design teams to quickly produce high-quality, realistic prototypes at low cost when compared to traditional methods.

In-house 3D printer operation

Six Business Advantages to Owning an In-House 3D Printer

Many businesses outsource 3D printing because they believe ownership is cost prohibitive. In this white paper learn about six advantages of owning an in-house 3D printer.

3D printing metal finishing

Exploring metal finishing methods for 3D printed parts

Download the white paper to learn more about the three techniques for metal finishing 3D printed parts: Centrifugal disc, Centrifugal barrel, and Media blasting

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